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Jun 9 eastcoastreader commented on A Word on Thomas Piketty and Kindle.
The director of my local library told me that he had heard that students in California hated having to have e-book text books, and grades really suffered. it's not just you, most people need physical references of a paper book to remember things they read about in said book. I seriously doubt e-books will replace paper books for that very reason. It will just be another format, like audio books, which people also used to say would replace paper books.
May 8 eastcoastreader commented on GOP Lawmaker: Gay Sex Is Like Eight Men Taking a Dump In Your Bed....
sigh, it's all about the butt sex for these people, isn't it? they just can't GET OVER IT!
Apr 7 eastcoastreader commented on Lookin' Good, Harvey Milk.
I'm going to stock up and use it on all my holiday cards, especially the ones for my in-laws!
Feb 25 eastcoastreader commented on SL Letter of the Day: Haters Gonna Hate.
I have to comment on a very small detail of this letter, I will forever wonder about straight men who don't run out and get a vasectomy has soon as they are sure that they are done having children. I get it if you or your partner aren't sure, but after everyone is sure, it is so great! my husband got one when we were done with the baby making, and this whole big worry/thing to be dealt with was just gone.
Feb 18 eastcoastreader commented on The Problem With Beautiful Images of Environmental Disasters.
always go with suffering animals, preferably baby animals
Feb 11 eastcoastreader commented on Here's Why You Don't See Women in Comic Book Stores.
my local comic book shop is owned by a woman, so yeah, it's pretty woman friendly.
Feb 6 eastcoastreader commented on Ever Wonder Why Subway Sandwiches Taste Like Yoga Mats?.
I always wonder why crazy stuff like that is put into food in the first place.
Feb 1 eastcoastreader commented on Cult of Dusty Shoots Down Mormon Church's War on Masturbation Epic.
when I watched the original video, all I could think was "Holy Christ, this is deeply insulting to you know, real soldiers who have been shot at and really wounded on the battlefield"
Jan 29 eastcoastreader commented on Attack Sexually-Active American Women, Call 'em Libido-Crazed Sluts....
Huckabee isn't as much fun as Mr. Frothy fecal matter...I would love it if he got the nomination
Jan 16 eastcoastreader commented on Baby Terrorizes NYC.
I had to pause this it take a break from laughing so hard my ribs hurt

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