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6:00 PM yesterday scary tyler moore commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Thanksgiving Turkey.
people on slog use cats for their avatar than any other animal.
Nov 6 scary tyler moore commented on Why I Won't Write a Review of Suffragette.
boring, dearie, very very boring.
Oct 28 scary tyler moore commented on God Won't Take No For An Answer.
you're doing this for page hits. and conveniently forgotten that this very church was the scene for your character's funeral in 'crocodile tears'. are you guys that desperate for money?
Oct 21 scary tyler moore commented on Savage Love.
gueralinda, is that your doggeh? I want to boop its nose and scratch its ears.
Oct 14 scary tyler moore commented on Five of Seattle's Black Culinary Leaders Talk About Their Food, Their City, and Their Lives.
thank you thank you thank you for including Kristi! her hummus is the absolute best. I put it on everything.
Oct 8 scary tyler moore commented on A Few Thoughts About the Creep Who Heckled Angel Olsen During Her Show at Neumos Last Night.
no, sean, no no no. not all women get harassed on a daily basis and not all women get 'show us your titties!' shouted at them on a daily basis. no no NO. it's SOME women, women of a certain age and body type. it is not universal. once you get fat and old (like me), it doesn't happen. women like me are invisible. please take that into account next time, okay?
Oct 7 scary tyler moore commented on Accused "Slumlord" Carl Haglund Promises to Improve Building Where Tenants Are Living with Roaches and Rats.
yes he is related to Ivar. he inherited everything because Ivar had no children. and, as all us old timers know, Ivar had a lotta clams.
Oct 5 scary tyler moore commented on Morning News: Gun Violence in Seattle, Homes Up in Flames in Auburn, and Hospitalized High School Football Players.
frizz will never win a Pulitzer NEVER NEVER NEVER. he is a bad bad editor.
Sep 29 scary tyler moore commented on The New Gas Station on Rainier Is Everything We Don't Need.
Charles, please. the owners of the silver fork wanted to retire. they weren't forced out. there is an excellent restaurant just to the north, Emerald City Fish and Chips to satisfy one's culinary needs. and you can sit outside and watch the stump grinding place across the street. and they play jazz on the sound system.
Sep 25 scary tyler moore commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: God Hates Fags Blah Blah Blah.
take a hint from seandr and read the entire thing again in Yosemite Sam's voice. you won't stop laughing for hours.