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Jul 28 scary tyler moore commented on I Saw Three Black People in Vienna Today....
what did you expect in the land of schiklegruber?
Jul 17 scary tyler moore commented on RIP Elaine Stritch.
have a vodka stinger in her memory tonight.
Jul 15 scary tyler moore commented on Performing Race and a Dangerously White Production of The Mikado.
the mikado is NOT about japan. it was written as a satire of british society and politics, which was G&S's whole point. repeat: this is NOT about cultural appropriation. this is satire. the Seattle G&S society has been doing the Mikado for decades. why all the fuss now? or is brendan doing his usual drumming up of page hits?
Jul 13 scary tyler moore commented on The Sunday Morning News.
i was at that horrible bar with you, fnarf, and i had the merriest time imaginable with you and the lovely mrs. fnarf, frizzelle, sean nelson, tim keck and abby waysdorf.

and yay for Unlocking the Truth's record deal. they ROCK!!!!
Jul 5 scary tyler moore commented on Today's World Cup Open Thread.
that's only for canadians, nurse. we americans are left with no free streaming of the rest of the world cup.
Jul 1 scary tyler moore commented on The American War on Women Continues....
you don't LIKE someone if you want them to be subordinate to you. and what the fuck do you know about women? sweet FA, probably.
Jul 1 scary tyler moore commented on USA vs. Belgium Open Thread!.
all over. we lost 1-0. fucking waffleheads.
Jun 30 scary tyler moore commented on Someone Needs to Get This Guy a DVD Box Set of Oz.
yes, seatackled, in anchors aweigh, and it is wonderful.
Jun 19 scary tyler moore commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
The Byrds. In the mercer arena. how far back? well, it was just 'the arena' in them days.
Jun 14 scary tyler moore commented on Lindy West, "Lindy East," and the Local Comedian Who Brought a Knife and Gun to an Open Mic Night.
none of these 'comedians' or 'comics' are funny. none of them.

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