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Jul 19 scary tyler moore commented on Seattle Artist Natasha Marin Launches "Reparations" Website.
i am WAY ahead of you, honey. i patronize black businesses on a regular basis. like the restaurants Emerald City Fish & Chips, Bananas Grill, Safari Njema, Altaye, Kokeb, and Ezell's, and also the best corner shop in Seattle, King's Deli.
Jul 19 scary tyler moore commented on Will You Stop Being Mean to Log Cabin Republicans? (Spoiler: No, I Will Not.).
dan, honey, you overlooked WHY. gay republicans are overwhelmingly white, male, and rich. most are business owners and aren't interested in marriage, family, or civil rights, because it is does not apply to them. what they ARE interested in are huge tax breaks, and that's why they vote republican. follow the money, honey, follow the money.
Jul 18 scary tyler moore commented on Donald Trump's Ghostwriter: The Man's a "Sociopath".
big jim mcbob and billy sol hurok is a ticket i can get behind.
Jul 7 scary tyler moore commented on Baker Refuses to Make a Cake for a Same-Sex Couple.
put your facebook page on private. seriously. if it can be used against you, it will.

this will never stop. never. always be ready to fight them, whether by legislation or in the courts. keep fighting!
Jul 6 scary tyler moore commented on Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson is Married Which Means He Can Have Sex Again.
this castle is in Cheshire. Liverpool is in Merseyside. someone flunked geography.
Jun 16 scary tyler moore commented on Block Party at The Station Just Politely Told the Mayor to Piss Off.
Jun 16 scary tyler moore commented on Watch: One of Matt Hickey's Alleged Scam Victims Went on TV Last Night.
he's probably saving up enough money to leave the country. no way he's sticking around. and I doubt he hired a lawyer.
Apr 23 scary tyler moore commented on Your Weekly Roundup: Prince’s Passing, Penis Polishing, Bathroom Bills, $20 Bills.
HEY!!!! tonight at 10pm is a Prince street dance party on Pike! wear purple and party like it's 1999! we can be delirious and pretend we're married or go crazy or laugh in the purple rain!
Apr 22 scary tyler moore commented on Will We Ever Know Why Disney Remade The Jungle Book?.
yes, i have, riz. i have that movie, too. they dressed up a dog to look like a tiger in the long shots, kaa the python was made of rubber, and the whole thing was filmed on a hollywood sound stage by the Korda brothers. and i think Ms. Oluo means the original DISNEY jungle book.
Apr 21 scary tyler moore commented on Idiots Expect World to Care that they Don't Want Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill.
and neither does Jen Graves, @12. 'cause it's racist!