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Jun 24 I Got Nuthin' commented on Morning News: Mariners to Join Seattle Pride for the First Time, Washington Senators Vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
"this guy"???

Seriously lazy writing there. Adrian Beltre's name is even listed on the Shutterstock page:

Oh, and spending an extra 10 seconds researching it, would have turned up the fact that Beltre hasn't played for the M's since 2009 ( so, yea, he's not going to be representing the Mariner's in the Pride Parade.

Jun 18 I Got Nuthin' commented on Guest Editorial: Municipal Broadband Is Far from Dead In Seattle.
@8 Sawant will be front and forward -- in front of the TV cameras -- when she decides this is an opportunity for her megalomaniacal ego to get a bit more bloated. Fuck her.
Jun 18 I Got Nuthin' commented on Guest Editorial: Municipal Broadband Is Far from Dead In Seattle.
Fuck Mattmiller. Take muni broadband to a vote via initiative. Remove the bureaucrats from the equation.
Jun 17 I Got Nuthin' commented on One Way to Stop Israel from "Pinkwashing".
Thank you Dan. I agree 100%.

@1 - This is not a liberal cause. It is the cause of a small but very vocal group of extremists, anti-semites and self-hating Jews.
Jun 6 I Got Nuthin' commented on One Hulk's Opinion.
JFC...are you kidding me?
Jun 2 I Got Nuthin' commented on Second Comcast Internet Outage in Two Months Hits Seattle. Meanwhile, City Report on Municipal Broadband is Way Late..
Not a huge fan of the initiative process, but seems like if ever there was an issue ripe for a vote of the people, it is this issue.
May 26 I Got Nuthin' commented on John Hodgman Used Instagram to Weigh in on John Roderick, Seattle Times, and #Rockergate.
JFC. And here I thought Twitter was the worst communications vehicle ever invented by man. Hodgman just made a damn compelling (condemning) case for Instagram to assume that mantle.

Seriously, 13 15-second videos? That's just stupid regardless of the importance of the message.

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