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Apr 28 I Got Nuthin' commented on Three Days Before May Day, FBI Arrests Protester from Last Year's Anti-Capitalist March.
Really disappointed by the tone of this post. Some 32 year old (grow up already) dip shit brings a Molotov cocktail to a protest and then people complain when he gets arrested? Give me a break.
Apr 19 I Got Nuthin' commented on SPD Remove Anti-Gentrification Activists Occupying MidTown Center Building.
Any organization that associates with Omari Tahir-Garrett is not an organization I can support.
Apr 17 I Got Nuthin' commented on Mike McGinn Is Running for Mayor Again.
All in for McGinn - and I expect a different candidate / mayor this time around. A better listener, aiming for consensus and yet still steadfastly independent.
Apr 12 I Got Nuthin' commented on Seattle Times Editorial Board to Ed Murray: Drop Out Before Nikkita Oliver Ends Up Mayor.
I'm no fan of the mayor, but I'm even less a fan of the Times' editorial page. This is so premature that it really can't be categorized as anything but a complete cheap shot.
Apr 4 I Got Nuthin' commented on Photos From Bertha's Breakthrough.
There was a photo opp and Sawant didn't show up? I guess there's a first for everything.
Apr 3 I Got Nuthin' commented on Nikkita Oliver Launches Mayoral Campaign: "This Whole Thing, to a Lot of People, Seems Impossible.".
What @9 said. I'm sure the mayor is shaking in his boots.
Mar 8 I Got Nuthin' commented on The Morning News: Mayor Ed Murray Gets His Most Significant Reelection Challenge Yet.
"Most Significant Reelection Challenge Yet"

I'm sure Murray is shaking in his boots.