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Oct 16 I Got Nuthin' commented on In Town for Pramila Jayapal, Bernie Sanders Booed at Mentions of Hillary.
@11 "Esp lucky since the polls have closed back to within the margin of error…."

According to Real Clear Politics, Hillary is up by 5.5% - outside the margin of error. According to 538, Hillary is up by a "6- or 7-point lead" - outside the margin of error. According to Pollster, Hillary is up by 7.6% - outside the margin of error.

Of course, none of these polls mean anything because we elect based on the Electoral College not the popular vote and in any analysis of the Electoral College, Hillary is the prohibitive favorite.

Oh, and in 100% of all polls, Bernie is out of the race.
Oct 11 I Got Nuthin' commented on The Seattle Times Editorial Board Is More Concerned About Parks Than People.
A rare occasion where the Seattle Times Editorial Board is right. This is a horrific idea and as @1 rightly points out has been tried in Portland and failed.
Sep 26 I Got Nuthin' commented on Food News: Cafe Flora Turns 25, Ezell's Expands, and Paseo Heads to the Hill.
Heaven Sent is owned and operated by Ezell Stephens who lost the Ezell's brand in a divorce. It's far superior to his namesake restaurant. Even if I lived in Wallingford I would still drive to 145th and LCW for the real deal.
Sep 1 I Got Nuthin' commented on An Open Letter From Erin Jones to The Stranger.
@5 - So you created a Slog account solely for the purpose of posting this warm endorsement of Jones? How long have you been a close friend / supporter of the candidate?
Aug 12 I Got Nuthin' commented on Seattle Will Not Get the Chance to Vote on Whether It Wants a $149 Million Police Station.
I guess Debora Juarez wants a nicer place for the next time she is booked for DUI.
Jul 26 I Got Nuthin' commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Loving Wife, The Dicktease.
Most long-married couples your age are having a lot less sex than that, if they're having sex at all. So that seems like a pretty good foundation on which to build, ROSIE.

Dan, I think you've been reading too many letters from desperate marrieds. Most of the long term married couples I know (and I'm one of them) are still connecting a reliable 2x a week.
Jul 14 I Got Nuthin' commented on Ansel Herz Talks to KUOW About the Former SPOG President Who Resigned Over a Controversial Facebook Post.
Why anyone remains on Twitter is beyond me - it's like an open invitation to step in dog shit.
Jul 12 I Got Nuthin' commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Stray Text Message Outs Wrong Parent.
Also, download an instant messaging app (there are many) that you exclusively use with your FWB.