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Aug 25 Rotten666 commented on What Are White Liberals Going to Do About the Westlake Mall Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed an Innocent Black Man?.
@45 I always have enjoyed your comments, and that right there was one of the smartest things I have read on Slog in a long while.
Aug 22 Rotten666 commented on People Should Stop Mountain Climbing.
stuff white people like.
Aug 22 Rotten666 commented on American Journalist Beheaded in Iraq.

"Basically, Hussein rose to power with the help of US foreign policy decades ago"

Er, no. I agree with everything else you said, but this is flat out wrong. Saddam came to power through some wacky UAR shenanigans. Really random, actually.

Not every asshole/bad event is a direct result of foreign policy blowback.
Aug 21 Rotten666 commented on People Who Live Near Fixed-Rail Transit Are Happier.
@20 Fair enough. But it kind of irks me when people forget the city extends south of Safeco Field.
Aug 21 Rotten666 commented on People Who Live Near Fixed-Rail Transit Are Happier.
@19 I grew up in Lindenhurst and had the opposite experience. Besides the obvious rush hour commute, most people I knew used the LIRR regularly. But then again I was on the Babylon line which will get you anywhere you want to go on the south shore.

Now if you were talking about the buses, I would agree completely.
Aug 21 Rotten666 commented on People Who Live Near Fixed-Rail Transit Are Happier.
@3 That's a whole lot of stupid packed into one comment. I'm guessing you don't get off of capitol hill much. If you did, you would see that the Columbia Station is smack dab in the middle of Rainier Vista, a mixed income housing development. Tons of low income housing and organizations, including mercy house and refugee womens alliance, run down the MLK corridor between Columbia and Mt. Baker Stations.

If you took the time to climb out of whatever echo chamber that you call a news source, you would also know that low income is also planned for the Mt. Baker station. I believe that Jorve Roofing is being purchased by an organization that runs low income housing up on Cap Hill.

Thirdy, Oscar Perez whatever-the-fuck-his-name-is pulled a gun on the transit cop and rightly deserved to be shot down like a dog in the street.

I know you think you are a hep progressive anarcho whatever, but you just come across as sounding very young and very stoopid.
Aug 20 Rotten666 commented on In Culture News: Update on the Long-Jump Mat/Mural, Submit to SIFF, and Black Coffee Bids Good-Bye to "Capitol Hell".
So what white, affluent neighborhood will Black Coffee move to next? Or will they come on down to the south end where the working class still resides?
Aug 17 Rotten666 commented on Sunday Comic.
I like!
Aug 16 Rotten666 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Potential Murder, She Wrote.
I kinda hope he kills her.
Aug 15 Rotten666 commented on Bartender Crush: Felicia at Waterwheel Lounge.
Awesome bar, and a great place to score coke.

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