Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Oct 14 Pol Pot commented on Another View on the Mayor's Housing Task Force: Major Employers Are Underrepresented.
Yes, the Ozark fire (and the Seventh avenue hotel fire a year later) was used as an excuse to close nearly all the SRO hotels in the downtown core. Most owners could not afford the updates required and closed. No effort was made to mitigate the effects of the closures, nor were efforts made to try to find solutions that might help keep some of the housing stock viable. In short, there was a concerted effort on the part of the city to eradicate SRO housing. Much of that effort may have had an altruistic impetus, but much of that effort was certainly motivated by a desire to economically cleanse downtown. ( are you old enough to remember what 1st Ave looked like from Yesler to Battery in the '60's and '70's? I am)
I have actually lived in SRO's (in NYC '79-'81). It was a fascinating culture of the working poor, drug addicts, itinerant workers, misfits, disabled people and the elderly struggling to survive on SS and welfare. I learned a lot about the human condition in those two years, mostly at the long gone Marlton Hotel at 5 west 8th.
You should learn some history, some perspective and perhaps some empathy.
Oct 14 Pol Pot commented on Another View on the Mayor's Housing Task Force: Major Employers Are Underrepresented.
Durning brings up a component that I hadn't thought of before, but that upon reflection seems so obvious I can't believe no one has thought of it before.
@3-4; apodment s aren't completely useless. They're actually a vital component of urban infrastructure, or would be if they were priced right at about $300.00 - $400.00 per month. There were at one time several thousand one room units in the downtown core but the powers that be decided that it was time to push the poor, the spinsters and others out of sight, so the city declared the housing "substandard" and closed it down. But the need for small, one room, cheap lodging remains.
But I agree that there is also an overwhelming need for inexpensive small one bedroom units as well that is not even being talked about.
Oct 9 Pol Pot commented on And the Ramps to Nowhere Get Their Death Date.
I spent my youth fishing for catfish under those structures, jumping off them when I was a little older, and going to keggers under them when a little older still. I'm sad to see them go.
Oct 7 Pol Pot commented on Central District Pot Shop Owner Responds to Church Protest.
Witherspoon did not respond to a message seeking comment
Of course he didn't. Like all conservatives, he is an abject coward, afraid to engage in debate with anyone outside of his bubble.
Oct 6 Pol Pot commented on The Morning News: Central District Church Protests Pot Store, Shouting "Shut It Down!".
From the comment thread at, it appears that Mount Calvary Church isn't a very good neighbor:

Gilberto Hedges_Blanquez on Monday, October 6, 2014 - 1:15 pm said:
I have lived in the Central Area around the corner from the Mount Cavalry Christian Center since 1989. When we first moved into our neighborhood; the corner of 23rd and Union was a drug haven for dealers. Many of our neighbors were older residents that had been shut in by all the drug traffic. My family decided we had to do something in order for our son to be able to play outside without having to fear for his safety by drug dealers and drive by shootings which were happening every day. We set out forming a block watch group with the neighbors who were living here already and the new neighbors that were moving into the neighborhood. With the help of the City of Seattle and Seattle police we were able to get street lights, traffic circles, and assistance in our clean up ventures. We did neighborhood walks around the neighborhood in which we were able to let the drug dealers know that it was our neighborhood not theirs. Our monthly clean-up crews cleaned up Union, 23rd (in front of Mount Cavalry Christian Center), 21st, 24th, and up and down Pine and Pike streets. We passed out flyers to the neighborhood business’ and churches (we went in and talked to the pastor of MCC) to assist with our clean up and block watch walks. During all this we did get help from business’s but never heard or received assistance from Mount Cavalry. The only thing that Mount Cavalry has helped our neighborhood with is illegal parking and traffic problems. Problems that we have lived with and have accepted as part of our neighborhood. Most of our neighbors may not all support marijuana or other drugs use, but after living thru hell trying to clean up the neighborhood from illegal drug dealings we are comfortable with Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop setting up in our neighborhood. Like every business they have to follow the laws set up by the state. And since they opened the area around their building has been clean of garbage and illegal drug dealing. So I say welcome to our neighborhood.

Oct 3 Pol Pot commented on The Monorail Study Campaign, Which Wants Us to Trust It With Public Money, Can't Even Show Up As Expected to Our Endorsement Meeting.
Apparently Ms. Campbell doesn't quite grasp the concept of politicking.
Politicking is the art of selling your campaign to enough people to win, not acting like a self centered, petulant brat who can't be bothered sell your campaign at all.
In politics, "build it and they will come" does not apply.
Oct 1 Pol Pot commented on Why Do Conservatives Hate American History?.
@69- you've stumbled across the central truth about conservatism; it is a gospel of defeatism. When confronted with a problem, the conservative goes through three stages.
1) Denial. Whatever the issue is, it simply doesn't exist outside the deluded minds of "sheeple" who have been misled by the "liberal media".
2) Misdirection. Whatever problem might exist, any possible solution will make the situation worse. Those who are concerned about the situation are hypocrites because they own products, drive cars, eat food, or whatever.
3) Defeatism. Sure there is a problem, but it is insurmountable. Anything that could be done would not immediately fix the problem, so all is lost.
Oct 1 Pol Pot commented on Why Do Conservatives Hate American History?.
@61- I never read the lazy trolls that don't register, but you responded to tonight's mental midget so many times, I couldn't resist.
Holy fuck, that was painful.
Never reading lazy coward posts again.

And 63 FTW
Sep 29 Pol Pot commented on Dave Reichert Tries to Solve a Problem That Doesn't Exist.
@8- you are too stupid to know which leg your shit is running down.
Sep 22 Pol Pot commented on GOP Launches Ad Campaign Targeting Women Voters.
What can you expect from the Rapist Party?

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