It's not very popular.

Jul 30 Pol Pot commented on BREAKING: Vast Majority of All Seattle Pot Tickets Written by Same Officer.
@73 - Hi Officer Jokela! Welcome to SLOG!
If you don't like working in Seattle, don't.
Jul 30 Pol Pot commented on BREAKING: Vast Majority of All Seattle Pot Tickets Written by Same Officer.
@60- also, for what it's worth, people smoke pot on the street in my neighborhood all the time. Whoopty doo.
I lived in pioneer square for four years. Granted, that was two decades ago, but if your major gripe with pioneer square living is that people smoke pot in occidental square, then there has been some rather phenomenal positive changes down there since I was a resident.
Jul 30 Pol Pot commented on BREAKING: Vast Majority of All Seattle Pot Tickets Written by Same Officer.
@60- like every other defender of this cop, you ignore the most important facts in this situation.
1: the police have been given an official mandate to issue warnings at this point.
2: nearly every ticket issued so far has been issued by one cop.
3: this cop, Officer Jokela, has been very public about his displeasure with legalization. Ergo, it is logical to assume he is acting out by issuing these citations.
4: he engaged in unprofessional conduct and insubordination by addressing the citations "Attn: Petey Holmes" this further substantiates the conclusion @3 that he is acting out of spite and maliciousness.

As to your point about wishing to have people smoking pot near your residence ticketed, fair enough, I suppose. After some as of now undefined grace period, they will be. But at this juncture, the orders given to patrolmen are to issue warnings.

I am much more concerned with angry, rogue SPD officers acting out in public than I am with your desire to seek recompense over the minor inconveniences of urban living.

I do not want rogue cops with obvious anger control issues patrolling MY streets. I do not want them paid for their disservice with MY tax dollars.
Jul 30 Pol Pot commented on BREAKING: Vast Majority of All Seattle Pot Tickets Written by Same Officer.
Defenders of this cop conveniently ignore the most important information available.
1: this cop is very public about his displeasure with marijuana legalization. He's a cop; its his job to uphold and respect the law. He doesn't get to choose which laws he will or will not enforce, or which laws he will choose to over zealously enforce out of petulance and spite.
2: he made his unprofessionalism clear when he addressed tickets "Attn: Petey Holmes". This is gross insubordination.

At this time, the police have been given an official mandate to be hands off about enforcement of public use while the public adjusts to legalization and what that means. The actions of this cop are petty, counterproductive and juvenile, and damage what little credibility the SPD has left.
Officer Jokela (he has now been identified in the Seattle Times) would do well to remind his petulant, childish self that he is a public servant, patrolling MY streets, in MY city, payed for by MY tax dollars.
If he can't do that in a professional manner, acting in accordance with standards and expectations of MY community, then he fuck right off and get a job with the Mississippi Highway Patrol. I think he might like it there.
Jul 29 Pol Pot commented on Newly Exhumed Documents Reveal Mark Driscoll's Vision of Our "Pussified Nation".
@12- neither. Blind, autistic chihuahuas of a certain age.
The kink runs deep with this one...
Jul 21 Pol Pot commented on Rick Perry Is About to Send the Texas National Guard to the US Border.
Nice catch, @4. The primary animus of conservatives is the destruction of civil society.
Jul 21 Pol Pot commented on The Monday Morning News.
I believe the Churchill quote is " You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else."
Jul 18 Pol Pot commented on Seattle City Council Members Reject Progressive Metro Funding Proposal, Send Sales Tax Package to Fall Ballot Instead.
Just on the off hand chance you're still looking at this thread, Ms. Holcomb, please don't run against one of the two best voices for working class seattlites currently on the council.
I think you would be a great addition to the council.
I value the work you've accomplished.
I also value the work that Ms. Sawant has accomplished, and the coalitions she built to accomplish those goals.
Don't be a divisive force in Seattle politics. Don't throw away all your political capital on a quixotic quest to destroy what has been accomplished.
There are good targets for you on the council. Run at large against the horrible, vacuous and unaccomplished Sally Clark.
Move to the 5th and run. It's wide open. You would probably be a shoe-in. If you were running in the 5th I would vote for you. Heck, I might even doorbell for you.
But if you run in the 3rd, I will do everything I can to assure your defeat.
Jul 18 Pol Pot commented on A Quick Refresher on Who's Running, and Where, in the 2015 City Council Elections.
I would vote for Ms. Holcomb if she ran in the 5th. If she runs in the 3rd, I'll do everything I can to defeat her.
Jul 18 Pol Pot commented on Anti-Foreclosure Protesters Block Sheriff's Eviction of Disabled Veteran in West Seattle.
Thank you SAFE! You are the real America.

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