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May 26 Pol Pot commented on DJ Jolene to Leave Rock Radio Bastion KISW After 11 Years.
Umm...KISW has DJs?
May 20 Pol Pot commented on Rand Paul Thinks He's Filibustering the Patriot Act, but He's Actually Just Babbling.
This fake filibuster only proves that little Randy is a cynical fake and this acolytes are easily fooled intellectual midgets with the IQs of fence posts.
May 15 Pol Pot commented on Governor Jay Inslee: All of Washington Is Now in Drought.
Queue the hysterical rightwing cries of government tyranny in 4,3,2,1...
Apr 28 Pol Pot commented on Demographically Non-Symbolic Candidate to Seek Democratic Nomination.
The only person I will vote for.
Apr 9 Pol Pot commented on Who's Dumber? Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorina, or the New New Republic?.
Who's dumber, Palin, Fiorina or the New Republic?
Why choose? Can't they be equally stupid?
They appear to be...
Mar 19 Pol Pot commented on Naturopath Busted by the State for Medical Marijuana Authorizations: "I'm Not Settling—I Didn't Do Anything Wrong".
Does she need money for her defense? I would gladly donate. She's an American hero, who has devoted her life to caring for people in need. I applaud her.
Mar 16 Pol Pot commented on Are There Bands You Once Loved But You Can't Listen to Now?.
I agree with 27- Yes is just fucking awful pretentious crap that seemed soooooo enigmatic and deep when I was 14. But the band I truly despise that I used to like is This Mortal Coil.
Mar 11 Pol Pot commented on Chief Kathleen O'Toole Brings "New Blood" to the Seattle Police Command.
@2- a more honest slog nom de guerre for you would be SPOGapparatchik. I assume you're one of the hundred+ numbskulls at the north precinct to sign on to that frivolous anti-reform lawsuit?

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