Awesome Person 2011
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Oct 19 DOUG. commented on The Morning News: Our Endorsements Are Here and the Final Presidential Debate Happens Tonight!.
Howard Schultz as veep might've carried Oklahoma for Hillary.
Oct 18 DOUG. commented on Naked Hillary Clinton Statue Appears in New York.
Maybe Dave Meinert can "rescue" it.
Oct 17 DOUG. commented on Seahawks Get Huge Win Against Falcons, Unnecessarily Stress Out Fanbase, Richard Sherman.
In real-time, it didn't look like PI. In super slo-mo, yeah, probably. But on a broken play, 4th-and-10 pass into double-coverage, you are NOT going to get ticky-tack pass interference called.

Christine Michael prances too much. Dude needs to hit the line on 3rd-and-short. He left a couple of first downs on the field. I might be an Alex Collins guy now.
Oct 12 DOUG. commented on Cubs Bars in Seattle?.
I was at Al's Tavern on 45th last night. One of the bartenders there is from Chicago and is a Cubs fan. The two TVs have the sound off. They play good music. But people were into the game.

And it's two blocks from the Iron Bull, which is terrible. Happy hour 'til 8:00. Don't tell your friends.
Oct 10 DOUG. commented on Hillary Clinton Won the Town Hall Debate.
@11: Ha... "ozens". Cut-and-paste fail.
Oct 4 DOUG. commented on The City of Seattle Wasted $65,000 on Failed Whistleblower Witch Hunt.
I hope Patty Eakes takes Ed out to lunch.
Oct 4 DOUG. commented on A Letter from a Millennial Who's Worried About "Tribalism" and "Post-Truth Politics".
The average 24-year-old isn't a policy wonk? Shocking.