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Jul 21 DOUG. commented on Bertha Boondoggle: Viaduct Tunnel Needs $60 Million Cash Infusion So It Can Open Three Years Late.
Fuck Gregoire and Murray. McGinn was right.
Jul 20 DOUG. commented on We're on the Ground—and Surrounded by Trump Supporters—in Cleveland!.
@1: That's pretty much been the driving force behind Seattle's population boom since the Denny party landed at Alki Point. Gold too.
Jul 19 DOUG. commented on Trump Is Officially Nominated, Roger Ailes Is Officially Being Fired from Fox News, and Did You See the Seattle Times?.
@4: The Times (and the Blethen family) are anti-labor, anti-tax, anti-transit, pro-Bush, pro-Iraq Invasion, pro-developer and pro-Eyman. No, they don't bash gay people, which might make them seem enlightened, but the paper most definitely skews right.
Jul 12 DOUG. commented on Beloved Seattle Rock/Soul Vocalist Shawn Smith Is "Technically Homeless".
Wasn't Stone Gossard in Brad? I hear he has some coin.
Jul 12 DOUG. commented on Brady Walkinshaw Endorses Nicole Macri to Replace Him in State House.
Will she serve a full term?
Jul 6 DOUG. commented on The Morning News: Mayor Defends Police Oversight Move, Obama Announces Troops Will Stay in Afghanistan.
Anyone who's ever met Ed Murray knows that he lives in Limbo Land. An empty suit, our very own George W. Bush.
Jul 5 DOUG. commented on #RezoneSeattle.
I wish whomever colored that map could've separated all the parks, lakes and other unbuildable spaces from being zoned as "Single Family".
Jul 1 DOUG. commented on Mayor Gives Another Gift to Police Union, Won't Reappoint Civilian Watchdog.
Maybe Harry Bailey will get the job.