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1:36 PM yesterday DOUG. commented on We Asked 15 People at Hempfest: How High Are You?.
America's finest. Thanks for blocking the bike lane through Myrtle Edwards Park for 10 days in the middle of August.
10:06 AM yesterday DOUG. commented on I Braved Scorching Heat to Talk to High People at the 25th Annual Hempfest.
Thanks for once again taking over a waterfront park (and the only reasonable bike route between Fisherman's Terminal and the downtown waterfront) for 10 days in August, potheads. Now please go away. Forever.
Aug 19 DOUG. commented on What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?.
But Seattle isn't allowed to interact with the statue anymore, because Dave Meinert took it upon himself to remove the statue from its public space. Why? Because he's the self-appointed authority on Capitol Hill?
Aug 18 DOUG. commented on Capitol Hill's Trump Statue Could Be a Safety Hazard, Says SDOT.
Dave Meinert removed the Trump statue, because he's the mayor of Capitol Hill...who lives in Burien.
Aug 18 DOUG. commented on Overturned Truck Shuts Down I-5 Near Tacoma.
It's open.
Aug 18 DOUG. commented on The Morning News: Racist Skinhead Talks About Trump After Stabbing Attack, Kelso Police Kill 27-Year-Old African-American.
Unless The Stranger knows something different, the Northgate Light Rail extension doesn't open until 2021. I am literally counting the days.
Aug 16 DOUG. commented on Watch The Stranger Race a Leather Daddy on a Solowheel.
Is that McLovin from Superbad?
Aug 15 DOUG. commented on What We Learned From The Seahawks First Preseason Triumph.
Russell is going to be the best backup QB in the NFL this year.
Aug 15 DOUG. commented on What Do You Know: Millennial Voters Flocking to Clinton.
" money is on high turnout among Millennial voters." Ha! Want to play poker, Dan?