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May 22 DOUG. commented on The Morning News: Faster (But Not Fast Enough) Trains For Amtrak Cascades, Owning an Air Conditioner Is UnSeattle.
Does it matter how fast the trains between Portland/Seattle/Vancouver can go, when you're still going to be stuck at a bridge for 20 minutes waiting for a freight train to rumble by?
May 20 DOUG. commented on Socialist Kshama Sawant Wants Colin Kaepernick to Become a Seahawk.
@6: You might want to Google "Seattle I-91".
May 19 DOUG. commented on Remembering Chris Cornell as He Was on the Brink of Soundgarden Dropping 1991's Badmotorfinger.
Yeah, but did the Offramp serve you $1 breakfast after the show?
May 16 DOUG. commented on Colin Kaepernick Should Be the Seahawks' Next Backup Quarterback.
@3: I totally agree with your assessment of Teddy G's uninformed analysis. Also, no two QBs are the same (and the back-up is usually a significant drop off, obviously), so a different offense is almost always run when the back-up comes in. But the fact remains, the difference in style between Wilson and Kaepernick is less-significant than most starter/back-up combos.
May 16 DOUG. commented on Lorena González Is Not Running for Mayor.
Also, being former legal counsel to Ed Murray isn't a great thing to have on your resumé at the moment.
May 11 DOUG. commented on Who Is Mayoral Candidate Jenny Durkan?.
Does she ride a bike?
May 9 DOUG. commented on Trump Just Fired FBI Director James Comey.
Ed Murray.
May 9 DOUG. commented on Mayor Ed Murray Ends Re-Election Campaign.
It's a shame the way in which Ed Murray's political career ended. It should've died long ago from a lack of heart and brains.
May 8 DOUG. commented on Mayor Murray, It’s Time to Drop Out.
Resign tomorrow, Ed.