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  • What book have you read the most?: Gravity's Rainbow, but never to completion.
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede
  • If you found out you were going to have a pit-bull baby, would you have an abortion?: Yes
  • What keeps you up at night?: stimulants on occasion
  • Dicks or Vaginas

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Apr 1 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@Holmes: Fingers. And switch hands to prevent RSI.

At this point, I can flicker my tongue for as long as it takes. With enough practice, your muscles develop.

And yes, fingers and thumbs can be nice supplements.
Mar 27 seandr commented on Holy Smokes! A New Stranger Podcast About What the Hell Happened This Week.
@1: Paul was boring, and Anna had no talent for writing.

I do miss Cienna and Goldy though.
Mar 27 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@BiDanFan: if they're so keen to try it, they should open their minds to trying it from the other end too.

This is a pretty warped perspective if you ask me. Sex education should teach that the decision to do anal or any other sex act should be based on both parties' willingness to do it, not on some misguided political agenda. Period.

A woman's enjoyment of pegging places her under no obligation to take a dick in her ass. A man's enjoyment of blow jobs doesn't obligate him to suck any dicks. And both are free to like what they like, and ask for what they like, regardless of whether they are willing to switch things up. No one, least of all sex educators, should be shaming young men based on these childish notions of fairness and equality.

Besides, if a woman find anal painful and unpleasant, that's not going to change simply because her boyfriend agrees to let her peg him.
Mar 24 seandr commented on Alison Stevenson Won't Suck Your Dick.
Why in the fuck should anyone give a shit about this prudish woman's sexual hangups?
Mar 24 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@JibeHo: the current percentages for U.S. women are as follows

You'd make a more convincing case for bias if you also reported the corresponding numbers of women who run for office. That would allow us to disentangle whether these stats reflect voter rejection of female candidates or comparatively fewer women choosing careers in politics. (In this man's humble opinion, a female bias against political careers would make as strong case as any for the inherent superiority of women.)

It might also be worth mentioning that women have been voting in significantly greater numbers … than men since at least the 1980s, so they are statistically over-represented in the voting booths. The Matriarchy's voter suppression campaign seems to be working, but women keep casting their votes for daddy.
Mar 23 seandr commented on Amy Schumer at the Emerald Queen Casino Saturday Night.
Can't believe I missed this!
Mar 23 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@LavaGirl: Shouldn't that be Judge and Prize?

Ah, thanks for catching my error, I meant to say "Judge, Prize, and Judge."
Mar 21 seandr commented on Take a Peek!: 20 Photos Inside the New Chop Suey.
I used to rock the latch hook.
Mar 20 seandr commented on Savage Love.
I'll bite - what are the 1st and 2nd laws?
Mar 20 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@BiDanFan: @16: Women are competing for men too, evidence is the existence of makeup (etc etc etc)...

True, and yet they still somehow play the roles of prize and judge.

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