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Oct 17 seandr commented on The First Savage Love.
Not long after this was published, I wandered into Cafe Roma on the Ave and stumbled across Savage Love for the first time. I knew it would be a hit - the premise of a disinterested 3rd party was brilliant, the execution was smart and irreverent - but you took it further than I ever could have imagined.

Congrats and thanks.
Oct 7 seandr commented on Is Pornography Use a Public Health Crisis?.
This article is a gem. Thanks for the work you're doing, Dr Ley (and Dr Libby).
Jun 9 seandr commented on Paul Ryan is now Literally Hiding from Reporters.
it's possibly one of the worst anti-poverty plans since "let them eat cake."

Lol. I like your style, Mr Baume.
Jun 9 seandr commented on Canadian Supreme Court: Coming In Sheep Is a Crime.
@4: Seatackled is trying to get your goat, you otter know better.
Jun 3 seandr commented on High-Speed Police Chase on Aurora Predictably Ends With Crash.
@Achaiwoi: You obliviously swallow the car advertisers' line that the carnage humans cause with automobiles is just the "cost of doin' bidness".

Nope, never seen that ad.

It's just a matter of values. If we took a vote to reduce the speed limit to 55 mph, a majority would say no, they'd rather take their chances at 70 mph.
Jun 3 seandr commented on High-Speed Police Chase on Aurora Predictably Ends With Crash.
Imagine how many lives would be saved if we required everyone to wear protective bubble suits. But alas, humans are willing to tolerate a degree of risk for convenience, autonomy, fun, etc.
Jun 1 seandr commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: What To Say? Beats Me..
"Stupid me, I went and overcooked the pork chops again."
Jun 1 seandr commented on Science News: We Are Quick to Condemn the Shooting of a Famous Animal but Do Nothing About the Climate Change That Threatens and Kills Millions Upon Millions of Animals.
a pedestrian hit at 30 mph instead of 25 mph is 70 percent more likely to be killed.

Ok, but that comes at the cost of the vehicle arriving 17% later.
Jun 1 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@BiDanFan: Thanks for that!