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Dec 25 seandr commented on Everything Is Still Temporary: A Very Personal Year in Music.
I smoked weed to the Replacements in the "cool dad" section of the bleachers

Dec 22 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@ven: She's tempting. (Those eyes look like they're well acquainted with the facts of life). Maybe if she didn't speak?

@Hunter78: Pass, even if her name was Swift Taylor. Perfection bores me.
Dec 22 seandr commented on Savage Love.
LW1: Move to a short country? Get rich?
Dec 22 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@BiDanFan: Guess all the vegetarian women in the world are crossed off your list of potential partners.

Republicans, religious people, grammar nazis, soup nazis, Nazis, Guamanians, asexuals, crew rowers, anarchists, monarchists, men, Gabby S. Weinstein, my siblings, people who's first name is really a last name, and those who ride their bikes with the headlight set to strobe are all crossed off my list.

But I'd totally date a vegetarian, assuming she could tolerate a little bit of teasing.
Dec 20 seandr commented on Savage Love.
Boything's Girl: You're referring back to my posts?? No fair!!
Dec 20 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@The Zoo: When I find out a person does not drink alcohol, I don't assume they must hate people who drink, think they are morally superior, and are a threat to me.

Your generous attitude is to be admired, but when the t-totallers barge through your door in the middle of the night and drag you and your family away to their sobriety concentration camps, don't say I didn't warn you.
Dec 19 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@Old Crow, @Hunter78: The reason Christianity took off is because they threw the best parties. My how the great have fallen.
Dec 19 seandr commented on Savage Love.
@Philophile: I'll leave you to your imagination, since the reality is so much more mundane.

Now that you mention it, though, the symbolism of feeding vegetarians to lions is even better, at least for those who enjoy irony.
Dec 19 seandr commented on Council Wants to Hear from SPD About All Those Cops at Recent Protests.
Seattle fired Norm Stamper, the most liberal police chief in the nation, because of the SPD's lack of readiness for the WTO riots.

How quickly we forget.
Dec 19 seandr commented on The Man in the Unitard Explains How He and His Naked Friends Got Trapped on Seattle's Great Wheel.
This made my day. Not even the cops are gonna stop the Buster party train.

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