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10:29 AM yesterday smade commented on The Time I Had a Sexting Three-Way Thanks to My Friend Who Was Holding My Phone as I Drove.
I just think it's very cool that you were riding in a car with Holistic Harry. (Don't bother googling it, kids. Apparently, there isn't a single image of him on the entire internet.)
Apr 28 smade commented on Supreme Court Wrap-Up: Did Scalia Just Accidentally Help Marriage Equality?.
@2 A license to a private citizen does not come with that requirement, but when that citizen is acting as a representative of a non-church incorporated business it is required. Incorporated businesses get specific and enumerated benefits and protections from the government, also known as "we the people", and in return for those benefits and protections provided by you, me, and everyone else in the country, including gay people, the incorporated business and those who act in its stead must serve all customers alike, no exceptions.
Apr 22 smade commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Medievalist Schools Dan On Medieval Attitudes Toward Sex.
"And faith, especially in modern radical religion, is a marker of social identity in a way it rarely was in the Middle Ages."

Well, sure, if religious conformity is enforced at the stake, faith is unlikely to be a marker of social identity since there was little public heterogeneity. But if you did deviate from orthodoxy, it sure as hell marked you socially. And while the priesthood has always found ways to express itself sexually, it doesn't mean that medieval societies didn't take "deviant" sexual behavior very seriously. Just taking pre-reformation England for example, there were a lot of men who lost their balls for stepping out of line. "Mutilation" was all too common a punishment for sexual as well as other kinds of misbehavior.
Mar 12 smade commented on Why the "Blurred Lines" Decision Is Ultimately Good for Music: A Dissenting View.
Ha! Just to state one of many thousands of examples, half of the Rolling Stones catalog stole directly from Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters, not even counting their cover tunes. Popular music is built upon direct theft of what has gone before. Always has been.
Mar 11 smade commented on The Federal Government Wants Those Eastern Washington Medical Marijuana Growers in Jail Right Now.
@1 What could go wrong? This particular demonstration of human decency might eventually filter down through society, eventually reaching your location at the very bottom of the seventh pit of hell, thereby providing you with some small measure of decency yourself. Still, the guilt you will eventually feel at the way you've treated others all these years might be a little hard on you at first. I'm sure you'll overcome it in the long run, though. I have faith even in your chances of redemption.
Mar 9 smade commented on The Morning News: City Hall Leaders Will Be Asked Today How They Feel about the Shell Oil Deal.
I call bullshit on the Sikh Temple story. How could a bad guy with a gun have been stopped if there were no good guy with a gun? Either there was no gun to begin with or there were in fact dead bodies everywhere. Clearly this is a left-wing cover-up of some sort.
Feb 18 smade commented on How Much Band Practice Is Too Much Band Practice?.
Practice is handy for finding out that your second guitarist never bothers to learn his parts and keeps turning down his amp at gigs in the hope that no one will find out.
Feb 13 smade commented on Should This Photographer Have Been Charged with “Contempt of Cop” Crimes?.
Time for a law that explicitly states that private citizens are allowed to photograph and record any public official who is on official business at any time. No exceptions.
Feb 8 smade commented on The Best of Slog: Be Mindful of What You Post on Social Media and Other Important Life Lessons.
Dear Officer Byrd,

When gay Americans have the right to break into people's homes, arrest them, choke them to death, shoot them on the street, throw them in jail, and other sundry rights over other people's persons and property, then we'll revisit the possibility that gays have more rights than cops. Until then, shut your piehole. Your breath stinks like shit.
Jan 9 smade commented on Looking for the "Sense to Be Made" in the Charlie Hebdo Massacre.
Conflating race with religion is disingenuous. It is morally wrong to satirize race. It is not morally wrong to satirize religion. If you want to make the claim that the comics in question mock believers because they are Arabs or Turks, that's one thing. Substantiate that and you have an argument worth considering. But the comics I saw mocked religious beliefs and like any other philosophy, from objectivism to environmentalism, Islam is fair game for ridicule. Especially when it claims to be the One and Only Truth. Which it most certainly does.

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