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Oct 10 smade commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
@1 David St. Hubbins doesn't.
Aug 21 smade commented on Everything Is Transphobic (But "Gay Men Draw Vaginas" Isn't).
We're beginning to approach "boy who cried wolf" territory.
Aug 5 smade commented on Femen, Sex Work, and Outrage.
@2 Prostate cancer is a crime against men. Ejaculate more, using porn or sex workers as needed, and improve your health. Not to mention it makes you less of a grumpy old sourpuss.
Jul 18 smade commented on If You Love Mob Movies, You Must See Whitey.
And for background, read "Paddy Whacked: The Untold Story of the Irish Gangster" by T.J. English.
Jul 3 smade commented on Happy Birthday, America! The Declaration of Independence Has a Typo.
@7 But unlike the founding fathers, you have representation to go with your taxation, so the analogy fails utterly.
Jun 19 smade commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
Van Halen with special guest The Fools, 1981, Spokane Coliseum (the old one with the acoustics of a tin can), $9.50 admission. Fantastic show.
Jun 10 smade commented on Why Washington State Needs to Follow Colorado's Example and Enact Common-Sense Gun Law Reform This Fall.
Like other refractory movements -- anti-gay rights activism, creationism, anti-intellectualism, laissez-faire capitalism, etc. -- the second amendment absolutists are experiencing a spasm of energy brought on by existential despair. As the movement experiences its death throes these activists are spurred on to increasingly shrill and frantic efforts to maintain their worldview, much like a small child entering a manic phase just before bedtime.

Private ownership of guns will likely never be banned entirely, but there will come a time in the next generation or so where rationality will take over. To own a gun, citizens will be required to attend training classes and there will be some form of registration. The expected confiscation will never materialize, but there will be isolated incidents of militia-type freakouts resulting in some very ugly events. But this will only serve to reinforce the idea that guns belong in the hands of the sane, not in the hands of the mentally ill and the invincibly solipsistic.

And at last the US will resemble a civilized country again.
May 26 smade commented on New York Daily News: We Do Have Gun Control In America!.
@18 Are we to understand, then, that you support the right of private citizens to own chemical and biological armaments? Arms are arms after all and the second amendment makes it very clear that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Nothing in a strict reading of the text indicates that the amendment refers only to gunpowder weapons.
May 23 smade commented on The Morning News: The NRA Remains Repugnant, Roads Remain Dangerous, Meteors Are Coming.
Does that mean that the evangelical Christian circulation clerk at the library can refuse to check out that copy of "God Is Not Great" to me?
Apr 25 smade commented on Rachel Maddow Tracks Cliven Bundy's Insanity to its Roots.
@4 The FBI is not the military and is not covered by posse comitatus. In the Bundy case, the contested land is federal property, no different than the numerous military bases across our country that are legally defended by US military personnel from enemies foreign and domestic. Your complaints are not germane to the present topic.

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