May 22 smade commented on State Senator Introduces Bill to Ban Masks and Hoods in Public.
@9 Which is, of course, why you sign your real name to your Slog comments.
May 22 smade commented on State Senator Introduces Bill to Ban Masks and Hoods in Public.
Government by chickenshit is no way to run a country.
May 4 smade commented on New Film About the Great American Poet Emily Dickinson, A Quiet Passion, Is Not All That.
There's a yellow rose of Texas, that I am going to see...
Apr 15 smade commented on Marshawn Lynch is Unretiring and Becoming a Raider.
It's a perfect fit. The Raiders have two young, fast running backs who can break big ones at any time and have good hands coming out of the backfield. What they don't have is a big, strong back who can push it across from the two. Lynch doesn't need to be the back he was five years ago to succeed with the Raiders. He'll do just fine as he is.
Jan 21 smade commented on Live from the Seattle Womxn's March!.
@14 The alternative is to ease the racists and sexists to their fainting couch and reassure them with a gentle "there, there". And we're not going to do that. If the mom in Ohio is voting Republican because she doesn't think minorities and women are getting a shitty deal in this country, well, we're going to keep up with our messaging because they are getting a shitty deal and eventually she'll realize it. If she already knows that and is voting Republican anyway because she thinks minorities are just a bunch of whiny babies (even though she doesn't really know any personally) then she's one of the deplorables and deserves the shaming. If she has some goodness and humanity in her, she'll come around. Lots and lots of people have, especially in the past decade. If she doesn't have any goodness in her, then that sucks, but placating her isn't going to make her life or anyone else's any better.
Jan 21 smade commented on Live from the Seattle Womxn's March!.
@10 Troll. Did I spell that right?
Jan 20 smade commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: We're Not Moving To Canada (Yet).
If we all moved to Canada, the scumbags who remained would have free rein to pursue the ideas found in the darkest corners of their brain. And before long, one of those ideas would be to invade Canada and monetize all that delicious fresh water they have up there. The only thing keeping Trump and his worshipers from sending cruise missiles in all directions is us. I'm staying.
Jan 6 smade commented on Five People Killed in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting.
To quote a commenter on another news site: "Are the guns ok?"
Dec 1, 2016 smade commented on Muslim UW Student Who Was Attacked Wonders: "Why? Was It Because of My Hijab?”.
@7 Violence committed for religious reasons, regardless of who is doing it and why, is even dumber than all the other dumb reasons for committing violence. No religion is any better than any other in this regard. If God made you hurt someone or ostracize someone or dehumanize someone or take away their basic rights then that's not God. That's the devil. Own it. That's who you're worshiping.
Nov 23, 2016 smade commented on Hillary Clinton Now Leading Donald Trump By More Than Two Million Votes.
He's not saying he could have won California, he's saying he could have won more voters there per rally or per dollar spent, but that it was pointless to go there because the state was lost. And he's right. Don't get caught up in the magical thinking that it's all about the way the electoral process is structured. Maybe it matters, but it might not and Democrats need to accept the fact that we need to work harder and smarter to convince voters that we really are the better choice. We are the better choice but there's a whole lot of bullshit we have to fight through to make our case effectively. God knows how many more votes he could have cadged off fools in places like Orange County.