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We know a remote farm in Lincolnshire, where Mrs Buckley lives Every July, peas grow… more »

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Location: Seattle


We know a remote farm in Lincolnshire, where Mrs. Buckley lives. Every July, peas grow there.

More Than You Need to Know

    This or That

  • Punch Buggy or Slug Bug
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede
  • Frank Gehry or Rem Koolhaas
  • Will in Seattle or Fnarf
  • Tom Skerritt or Dave Matthews
  • Questions

  • What keeps you up at night?: Fear of death.
  • What helps you sleep?: Exhaustion
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: Fight Club
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: Misuse of "A" and "AN"
  • For Trolls Only

  • Dan Savage started the Iraq war. Why?: Because he was confused?
  • If you found out you were going to have a pit-bull baby, would you have an abortion?: Yes
  • Where do you buy your WOW Gold?: My Bitcoin broker.
  • What's your favorite Charles Mudede post?: The sexist one with the boobs
  • Fill in the Blank

  • God is: something that doesn't exist.

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