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  • What helps you sleep?: Exhaustion
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: Fight Club
  • What keeps you up at night?: Fear of death.
  • Tom Skerritt or Dave Matthews
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: Misuse of "A" and "AN"

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pragmatic is blah blah blah.
Jul 18 pragmatic commented on I'm Voting for Jess Spear, No Matter How Bad Her Signs Are.

You know, if you go far enough to the left you'll eventually meet people who've gone a similar distance around to the right.

That's correct. Politics isn't so much a spectrum as it is a sphere.
Jul 9 pragmatic commented on Utah Takes Gay Marriage to the Supreme Court.
@2 So, basically what you're saying is that Kennedy is a misogynist.
Jul 8 pragmatic commented on Crowd Refuses to Pay Light Rail Fare to Protest Immigrant Youth's Death at Sodo Station.
The poverty and race issues are interesting, but aren't relevant. He pulled a gun on a cop. They are trained to defend themselves with lethal force when met with a lethal threat. Don't want to die when arguing with the police, keep your guns holstered.
May 31 pragmatic commented on First Draft.
@2 and @5 A Pilsner is a lager. And the reason you don't see more lagers from microbreweries is mostly to do with scale and cost. It takes 3-4 times as long to, properly, make a lager than an ale. So, you need to have sufficient scale, or specialize in it, to make them worth doing. The extra cost of refrigeration during the fermentation and lagering period also makes them more costly to produce unless you do enormous batches like AB InBev.
May 29 pragmatic commented on Steve Ballmer Is On Track to Buy the Clippers.
@13 The WhatsApp deal was $19 Billion.
May 14 pragmatic commented on Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack.
@10 they probably bought one of those multi camera DVR systems from Costco, like these:…
May 6 pragmatic commented on Elizabeth Warren Is Still Awesome....
@12 You'd have to be dreaming to believe that will ever happen.
Apr 10 pragmatic commented on God Sends Sign to Mars Hill Church.
I personally would prefer they burn down with their entire congregation inside.
Mar 25 pragmatic commented on Anti-Foie Gras Billboard Circling Amazon HQ This Week.
@28 Good, fuck humanity, we're pretty shitty anyway. Seems like the universe would be better off without us.

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