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Oct 16 Cato the Younger Younger commented on Two Thirds of Our City Council Is at a Swanky Resort With the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
Totally not shocked. How many of the attendees has the Stranger endorsed in the past? And it's good to know we will soon be paying $2000 a month in rent for just a small semi-rundown apartment in Seattle. Why? The market y'all!!!
Oct 15 Cato the Younger Younger commented on Mark Driscoll Resigns from Mars Hill Church.
You don't think that will change what is taught at Mars Hill Church do you? The members aren't what I'd call even reasonable Republicans: they are all batshit crazy conservatives. They went because they LIKED this assholes message.

That bit of reality being pumped out there: hopefully this will be the nail in the coffin of this cult but fear not. Another one will rise up and be worse than what Driscoll could ever be. There is an endless supply of these snake oil salesman.
Oct 14 Cato the Younger Younger commented on Another View on the Mayor's Housing Task Force: Major Employers Are Underrepresented.
Why is the concept of small affordable one bedroom apartments just something we don't even want to talk about? Micro housing is a short term solution. You don't go from a micro apartment to a $375K condo or $1.5 Million dollar house.

Oct 14 Cato the Younger Younger commented on The Morning News: Seattle Now Has Bike Share.
The Vatican has already backtracked on the moment of showing human compassion for gays. It's back to hating the queers in Rome!!
Oct 14 Cato the Younger Younger commented on Mark Zuckerberg Just Gave $25 Million to Fight Ebola, but He Owes Us a Whole Lot More Than That.
It'll be fun watching Zuckerberg's head get chopped off during the revolution that's brewing out there.
Oct 14 Cato the Younger Younger commented on Penn Jillette, Arbiter of Cuntiness, Is Coming to Town.
One of the times when this piece of shit was in town didn't he go off on a barista at one of the coffee shops down in Belltown? I seem to remember Slog or someplace else mentioned his cuntish behavior.
Oct 13 Cato the Younger Younger commented on Will a Mayoral Committee Stand Up for Renters?.
I think it's funny anyone seriously thinks this is going to do a fucking thing. Seattle's definition of being a "Green City" means middle income people who work in the city will have no choice but to move out of town (and it's already happening in droves: The Seattle Times of all places did a piece on that a couple of month's back). That means more cars on the road since we've collectively decided to cut public transit.

But fear not!! We'll get to hear Chucky M bitch about the trash (middle class and lower income people) having to drive into our City to work while he laments their unwillingness to live in a box that is 10 foot by 12 foot.
Oct 11 Cato the Younger Younger commented on We Asked 12 People at a Gay Bar: What's Your Favorite Queer Film?.
Gotta go with Maurice or Another Country (love a young bookish Colin Firth)
Oct 8 Cato the Younger Younger commented on Hillary Clinton's Inevitability Is Bad News for Progressive Causes.
There's a reason she didn't get the nomination in 2008. So it looks like we put off the inevitable. Welcome the Goldwater Girl!!

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