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Aug 11, 2016 King Rat commented on Why State Senator Reuven Carlyle—a Democrat Representing Ballard—Won't Endorse Sound Transit 3.
Reuven Carlyle set it up so we have to choose between education and transit, and then decides he just can't support us making the choice for transit. How about having a spine and funding transit or education without making it a choice, dipshit?

Ohhh, a sales tax is sooooo regressive?? Yes it is dipshit. So get on it and pass an income tax.

This is the sort of thing you are elected for, JFC.
Aug 10, 2016 King Rat commented on This Washington County Just Surprised Everyone and Banned All Fossil Fuel Export Permits for Two Months.
Don't even start with the clickbait headlines.
Apr 25, 2016 King Rat commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Boyfriend Slow-Walking His Divorce.
"Whenever I ask him for an update on the process, we end up arguing and not speaking for an entire day."


"Given the amount of time this is taking, and given your boyfriend's angry response when you bring the subject up, it's possible ..."

If she's putting him on blast for being methodical, he might be angry because of how she's coming at him, not the questions in particular. Dude has all sorts of reasons to be methodical and do this in such a way so that his ex isn't angry at him. They have kids, so he's gonna be interacting with the ex at a minimum until they are all 18.

Homewrecker views the ex poorly ("she tries to play tricks on him, keep the kids from him,") but treating her that way is a recipe for years of strife. Why go through that unless the ex is already making it so shitty...
Feb 23, 2016 King Rat commented on Should the City Stop Doing Road Repairs/Upgrades in the Central District?.
I can see no way for the comment thread to go horribly wrong here.
Oct 26, 2015 King Rat commented on Here's Why Equal Rights Washington Says It Endorsed Pamela Banks Over Kshama Sawant.
Sawant was the only council candidate who wouldn't schedule time with Erica Barnett either.
Oct 12, 2015 King Rat commented on When Five Restaurateurs Own 40 Restaurants, What Does That Mean for Seattle's Dining Scene?.
So I went to King County to look up how many restaurants are in Seattle, because these 40 restaurants are probably a near monopoly:

"Error: The number of records matching the search criteria is too large to be displayed in the web browser. Please narrow your search criteria and try again."

*THEY* don't want you to know.
Sep 18, 2015 King Rat commented on Take the Seattle Public Library Survey About Their New Logo and "Brand Statement".
The 1970 Seattle Times is online, through an SPL database. The P-I, however, is not.
Sep 4, 2015 King Rat commented on Where to Get Vegan and Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches.
"Where to Get Vegan and Gluten-Free Ice Cream Substitute Sandwiches"

There, I fixed it for you.
Jul 1, 2015 King Rat commented on Oh, Look. The City's Finally Giving Out Those Minimum Wage Education Grants It Promised Months Ago.
Oh boo hoo, it took a bureaucracy 7-8 months to evaluate who to give $1,000,000. It's good that the city is actually following a process.
May 6, 2015 King Rat commented on What Two Programmers Have Revealed So Far About Seattle Police Officers Who Are Still in Uniform.
"Editor's note: This story has been updated since it was originally published."

Updated how?