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Nov 21 rejemy commented on Meanwhile On Our Nation's Television Screens: Are Jews People?.
America as we knew it is over. We are not coming back from this as a nation.
Oct 13 rejemy commented on What Does Cliff Mass Have to Say About The Storm That Wants to Not Be Forgotten?.
I'm more interested in this tree in Genesee Park that was uprooted two days from now.
Jul 12 rejemy commented on Watch Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Campaign Together Today in New Hampshire.
Already happening over on reddit. Bernie has gone from hero to zero, just as I predicted would happen when he inevitably endorsed Clinton. It's amazing how few of them saw it coming. For a large chunk of his former supporters, he was just a convenient outlet for their anti-Clinton rage, and now they're breaking about 50/50 for Stein and Trump.
Jun 10 rejemy commented on ICYMI: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton.
It's also becoming clear to me, as the Feel the Bern movement evolves into the Never Hillary movement, how much of Sanders' support has nothing to do with him or his policies, but is just a handy receptacle for anti-Clinton rage.
Jun 10 rejemy commented on ICYMI: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton.
If Sanders every comes around and endorses Clinton, man, he'd better watch out. There is no fury like the fury of a person who feels betrayed by the one they love. His supporters would turn on him like a pack of angry jackalopes.
Jun 3 rejemy commented on Tim Eyman Gives Up on Anti-Light Rail Initiative.
@4 Yeah this is a smart move by Eyman. His initiative will be the only major draw in 2017, and odds are very good that young urban voters won't get around to voting that year while the angry car people will be out in droves to support it.
May 26 rejemy commented on Regarding Hillary's Private Email Server: So What?.
I still can't understand what she thought was the advantage of conducting her official government work on her personal email account. I can understand her wanting a personal email account under her control for her personal stuff. However, it doesn't take a genius to understand that when you are a highly scrutinized public figure, and you don't want your personal emails to be archived/examined, then DON'T MIX THEM WITH YOUR WORK EMAILS. Like, what the fuck.
May 26 rejemy commented on Donald Trump Clinches GOP Nomination, Sanders and Trump May or May Not Debate.
Seeings how the debate was to be hosted by Fox News, I think we can guess at the questions:

"Let's start with a question on a lot of people's minds, just how big of a criminal is Hilary Clinton?"

"I'd like to hear both of your thoughts on the Democratic Party primary process."

"Please describe the ways in which you'd make a better president that Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump let's start with you."

Etc etc.
May 10 rejemy commented on Bellevue Neighbors are Bickering About Whether a Resident Can Cut Down His Trees.
Even if the cease and desist is non-legally binding, a homeowner's association can make your life hell in many minor and major ways if you get on their wrong side, so there are actual teeth behind that.
May 4 rejemy commented on Why I'm Glad, But Not Psyched, About Bernie Sanders' Comeback Victory in Indiana.
If he could just convince his followers to do one thing - vote for progressives in two years for the congressional midterms - it would be a huge win. I'm not optimistic though, neither Sanders nor his followers seem to have any interest in things that aren't named "Sanders".