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Jul 15 Baconcat commented on 2014 Seafair Powwow Cancelled.
Don't worry. We survived worse. Our community will powwow again.
Jul 9 Baconcat commented on Governor Inslee Tries to Have It Both Ways On Protecting Washingtonians From Cancer, Pleases No One.
If we don't make a good faith effort now then all our asses will be on the line. The increasingly toxic stew sloshing around in the Salish Sea will increasingly harm more than just Native Americans and Asian and Pacific Islander communities and that's bad news for everyone.

It might cost money, it might be bold, but the lives of your neighbors and the future you leave your children depend on healthy fish and clean waters and that means hard work. Ridiculous efforts to push profit over people only harms us all in the end.
Jul 2 Baconcat commented on Mayor Ed Murray Reverses Position, Won't Support Salary Increase for Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco.
Don't mistake the principle of the opposition from Dori Monson and the Times as being on the same ethical or moral plane as CMs Sawant and Licata.
Jun 18 Baconcat commented on Who to Blame for Bertha.
They were happy to take credit when Ref 1 passed but now they're all about being hushed up? Cool.
Jun 18 Baconcat commented on The Morning News: Washington Redskins' Trademark Is Canceled Because That Name Is "Disparaging to Native Americans".
The best part of this whole thing is that the name wasn't selected to honor Native Americans or the dubiously Native American Lone Star Dietz -- it was a marketing ploy. Native mascots were popular at the time (similar to the late-1940s and Termination Era proliferation) and it was renamed to differentiate things a little: http://thinkprogress.org/sports/2014/05/…

Anyway, everyone knows they should be renamed the Washington Escalators.
May 29 Baconcat commented on Dave Meinert Threatens to Retire from Public Life, and Other Minimum Wage Mayhem.
Please go, Dave. You know policy eventually tilts toward the capitalist class -- your services are not necessary. Bye. Au revoir. Auf wiedersehen.
May 28 Baconcat commented on Minimum Wage, Maximum Amendments! A Quick Look at the Coming Drama.
@1: Lots of stereotypes and strawmen there, JW.

Planned your move to Houston yet?
May 8 Baconcat commented on Mayor Murray Tells State Senator Jamie Pedersen That Seattle Can't Have a Metro-funding "Plan C" and Universal Pre-School.
Also on that note regarding taking back the state senate: if they bumble through this by endorsing-then-not what makes anyone think they're capable of taking back the senate at all? To give a nod to activists and take it back is extremely bad form and a bad faith move. It doesn't represent any kind of tactical competence, only the propensity toward rushing to the heels of a self-interested leader who wants to rack up wins under his name in order to secure a second term.
May 8 Baconcat commented on Mayor Murray Tells State Senator Jamie Pedersen That Seattle Can't Have a Metro-funding "Plan C" and Universal Pre-School.
1) we tried the VLF-for-roads-and-transit thing in Seattle and failed, and while this one passed in-city it's still tainted by that past failure and lack of vocal institutional support at the time (ahem, Olympia) so it would be a hard push even with prop 1 getting a nod in the city limits

2) taking back the senate is not looking too good. And even if, they squandered past majorities seeking out mushy halfway fixes like lumping it in with nickel taxes. The Olympia mindset even tainted sound transit by pressing the failed Olympia-pushed Roads and Transit. Legislators' inability to support transit-specific funding (a proven winner, see ST2.1 and MTN versus Streets For All and Prop 1) makes this a cop-out

Plus, if they stonewall activists seeking support and compromise while using children as human shields then what makes you think they're acting in good faith or capable of working on lasting transit funding?
Apr 30 Baconcat commented on The Type of Police Reform I Want to See.
My witheringly low opinion of you sinks lower each day.

Word to the wise, Ed: you're already screwing up more than Schell at this point and without a fraction of his achievements.

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