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Apr 17 kitschnsync commented on Mike McGinn Is Running for Mayor Again.
This is really good news for Seattle!
Apr 4 kitschnsync commented on How Jeff Sessions' Attempt to Halt Police Consent Decrees Will Impact Seattle.
First post from the new news editor! Welcome to Slog, Steven.
Mar 24 kitschnsync commented on I, Anonymous: Stop Hawking Your Loogies on the Sidewalk.
Oops, messed up that tag.

Mar 24 kitschnsync commented on I, Anonymous: Stop Hawking Your Loogies on the Sidewalk.
@13, You are correct that to "hock" something is to pawn something, because when you put something up for pawn it is "in hock." But @6 is also correct that "hawking" is to sell something on the street, which is what hawkers do.

Both words are equal parts right and wrong because the word as used here is onomatopoeia. You won't find "to expectorate" under any dictionary definition for "hawk" or "hock."

As an editor, you could clear up this confusion by using a version which doesn't have similar definitions. Perhaps">"hork?"
Mar 14 kitschnsync commented on Stranger Places with Charles Mudede: The Rats of Seattle.
The animal pictured is a mouse. C'mon, y'all.

Our rats would eat that pretty little morsel for breakfast.
Feb 23 kitschnsync commented on Shabazz Palaces, Flying Lotus, Alunageorge, Snarky Puppy to Headline Paul Allen's Upstream Music Festival + Summit.
I was planning to skip this, but I might buy a ticket just because I love FlyLo soooo much...
Feb 22 kitschnsync commented on Savage Love.
I really wish the shirt in Joe Newton's illustration was real so I could wear it in reality. /fantasy
Feb 22 kitschnsync commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Nine: Dave Matthews.
So, you selected one band that you actually *didn't* pretend to like for boys to write about, and you chose Dave Matthews.

Dave Matthews.

Feb 22 kitschnsync commented on Films for the Trump Era: The Running Man.
Haha, I just watched this movie over the weekend too. I guess I'm streaming the same movies as Charles! It's on Amazon Prime.

I found The Running Man delightfully cheesy, as I do with almost every Ahnold film that includes the line "I'll be back." I also agree with @2 that the short story by Richard Bachman (Stephen King) is worth a read.

But as far as prescient films for the Trump era go, Idiocracy takes the cake.
Jan 10 kitschnsync commented on Josh Feit Is Leaving PubliCola to Write Speeches for Mayor Ed Murray.
Congrats to Feit, but I'm a little worried that he might make Murray look too good.