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12:32 PM kitschnsync commented on Yes, You Should Vote for Hillary "Just" Because She’s a Woman.
This is a deeply stupid article. Rich: You do realize, as @2 points out, that the same logic would have you advocating Sarah Palin for President if she were running? Sorry, but gender is nowhere near as important as political views.

You should be ashamed of yourself and your lack of critical thinking.

Apr 1 kitschnsync commented on Vulcan to Redevelop Cal Anderson Park.
Thank you for this, Dan. You have a bully pulpit from which you can effect real change. It's wonderful to see you use it to help out your city (and your neighborhood, and your region) this way.

Please keep it up! Maybe instead of just linking to Ansel's piece about ST3 published today, you could actually link the email addresses of the senators he calls out here:

Mind-blowingly, even the Republican senators who represent areas that would benefit from regional light rail voted against it. Those senators are Joe Fain (Auburn and Kent), Mark Miloscia (Federal Way), and Andy Hill (Redmond). Fain is one of two lead negotiators on the Republican side on transit...

If you haven't written to Fain, Miloscia, and Hill yet, do it right now: joe.fain@leg.wa.gov, mark.miloscia@leg.wa.gov, andy.hill@leg.wa.gov.

When you speak, people will listen.
Mar 24 kitschnsync commented on Alison Stevenson Won't Suck Your Dick.
I smell a memoir.
Mar 23 kitschnsync commented on What Is "Clickbait"?.
You know damn good and well what clickbait is, Christopher Frizzelle. Behind print advertising (perhaps), it's what pays the bills at the Stranger.

One definition, which is glaring by its omission in your bitter little fulmination here, comes from Wikipedia. It's the first result in Google for "clickbait." I doubt you missed it.

Clickbait is a pejorative term describing web content that is aimed at generating online advertising revenue, especially at the expense of quality or accuracy, relying on sensationalist headlines to attract click-throughs and to encourage forwarding of the material over online social networks.

The wiki entry goes on to mention the curiosity gap--which is being exploited all the time, sure, but isn't the main form of clickbait these days. No, the most common form of clickbait now is emotional arousal. The ability to enrage, sadden, or delight is makes people click headlines. The most unimaginative and least scrupulous writers for the web usually go for the first of the three options. It's easy to piss people off, and arguments feed page views.

Of course, you know this and your rant is disingenuous. Here's a tip: Take responsibility for the fact that your tempest escaped the teapot, and stop trolling your readers.

Feb 27 kitschnsync commented on I Get Some Weird Mail, But....
I'm sure you got a deluge of wonderful letters after writing this piece. (Which I loved, btw.)
Jan 24 kitschnsync commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
auntie @6: you clearly didn't read what I wrote or anything behind the link I posted. Also, your idea to stop all violence is more violence?

Oooookay. Backing away now...
Jan 22 kitschnsync commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
auntie grizelda, you are misinformed. All types of violence have been trending downwards for decades. I doubt "an increase of wang chopping" had anything to do with it.

Jan 21 kitschnsync commented on SL Letter of the Day: Closure.
Looks like you forgot to log into Dan's acount to post this, Nancy.
Jan 21 kitschnsync commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
(Fun fact: Had this tale involved a husband repeatedly cutting off his wife's clitoris, no one would be laughing. Here's to the comedic power of wieners and punching up.)

Yes, you are are "punching up" by cracking jokes about a woman mutilating a man. I'm sure the patriarchy is reeling from your comedic skills.
Jan 20 kitschnsync commented on [VIDEO] Mike McGinn on How Seattle's Need for Agreement Slows Political Progress.
We elect leaders to lead. McGinn understood that the right decisions aren't always the popular decision, and he stood by his decisions in the face of criticism. I miss McGinn greatly.

Murray doesn't seem to be much of a leader on any issue. He works with deception, obfuscation, and omission to achieve a illusion of consensus, but rarely takes susbstantive action until he is goaded by activists.

I am very disappointed with Murray. I gave the guy a chance, but he is shaping up to be more spineless and shifty than I feared.


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