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Sep 23 kitschnsync commented on Is Someone Sabotaging Seattle Cyclists With Upholstery Tacks?.
Jesus, what a tortured sentence above. I wish I could blame it on lack of caffeine, but instead I will just admit that I didn't proofread and bemoan the lack of an edit function.
Sep 23 kitschnsync commented on Is Someone Sabotaging Seattle Cyclists With Upholstery Tacks?.
In the age of video surveillance, might there be some evidence of the saboteur somewhere? Perhaps from SDOT or some of the businesses along Westlake?

I'm sure that giving bikers flat tires registers doenn't register high on the police radar, but said flat tires could result in a bad accident. This is malicious and potentially dangerous.
Sep 22 kitschnsync commented on The Morning News: Seattle Used to Have Sex, Portlanders Suffer from White Guilt.
@3 Wow, Charles changed that headline quickly.

You can still see the original in the URL, though.
Sep 13 kitschnsync commented on Bear Grylls Meets Marshawn Lynch and Uses One of His Dreads as a Fire Starter on "Running Wild".
Lynch is the best. I never knew he had a degree in social welfare until I watched this episode last night. I did know that he was smart about saving his money and strategic about retirement.

I've always admired that Marshawn left at the top of his game, before his body and brain were both shot. Some people keep playing until they are broken; he didn't fall into the money trap.
Sep 8 kitschnsync commented on "It's Crazy"—Pacific Northwest College of Art Suspends a Master's Program, Leaves Teachers and Students Stranded.
Jen Graves, you have a factual error in your story about Anne-Imelda Radice.

Tina Orr-Cahall is no longer the director at the EMP; Patty Isaacson Sabee took the job in 2015.
Aug 31 kitschnsync commented on The Vandalized Bettie Page Mural Will Come Back Bigger and Better Than Before, This Time With Drag Icon Divine.
I love Divine, but the addition so close to Betty will make the wall too crowded.

The artist and homeowner need a better appreciation of negative space.
Aug 29 kitschnsync commented on How Uber and Lyft Reduce Taxi Cab Racism.
Hey Charles, I'm sorry you had a hard time hailing a cab in Vancouver. If it makes you feel better (and I know it probably doesn't), the cab drivers in Vancouver drive like bats out of hell anyway. I've had safer experiences with tuk tuk drivers in Asia.

Every time I hear someone complain about Uber or Lyft, I plug Flywheel as an alternative. It really is a lot better. Like Uber or Lyft, Flywheel is a hailing app (so the driver can't see the color of your skin) that you can use to pay for your trip. Unlike Uber or Lyft, it uses actual cab drivers, who are all vetted, licensed and insured. Plus, there is no surge pricing.

Unfortunately, Flywheel isn't in Vancouver. But I use it in Seattle all the time.

Aug 26 kitschnsync commented on Private Investigator Gets $65,000 Contract from City to Hunt for Police Whistleblower.
Who is going to run against Murray? He's already got most of the Council backing him. His fundraising is already in full swing. I can't imagine anyone who would take him on. The guy has a lock on money and endorsements.

O'Brien? Don't make me laugh. Sawant?