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5:13 AM kitschnsync commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
auntie @6: you clearly didn't read what I wrote or anything behind the link I posted. Also, your idea to stop all violence is more violence?

Oooookay. Backing away now...
Jan 22 kitschnsync commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
auntie grizelda, you are misinformed. All types of violence have been trending downwards for decades. I doubt "an increase of wang chopping" had anything to do with it.

Jan 21 kitschnsync commented on SL Letter of the Day: Closure.
Looks like you forgot to log into Dan's acount to post this, Nancy.
Jan 21 kitschnsync commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
(Fun fact: Had this tale involved a husband repeatedly cutting off his wife's clitoris, no one would be laughing. Here's to the comedic power of wieners and punching up.)

Yes, you are are "punching up" by cracking jokes about a woman mutilating a man. I'm sure the patriarchy is reeling from your comedic skills.
Jan 20 kitschnsync commented on [VIDEO] Mike McGinn on How Seattle's Need for Agreement Slows Political Progress.
We elect leaders to lead. McGinn understood that the right decisions aren't always the popular decision, and he stood by his decisions in the face of criticism. I miss McGinn greatly.

Murray doesn't seem to be much of a leader on any issue. He works with deception, obfuscation, and omission to achieve a illusion of consensus, but rarely takes susbstantive action until he is goaded by activists.

I am very disappointed with Murray. I gave the guy a chance, but he is shaping up to be more spineless and shifty than I feared.
Jan 15 kitschnsync commented on A First Look at KEXP's New Seattle Center Digs.
SkB Architects do incredible work. KEXP is in good hands.
Jan 14 kitschnsync commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Monstrous Fantasy.
She should contact the Discovery Channel. I hear they have a gobble-proof suit, only slightly used by one anaconda.
Jan 13 kitschnsync commented on Elon Musk Says "Maybe a Thousand" Seattleites Will Help Him Colonize Mars.
Sydney, more Seattle or Seattle-connected commercial space endeavors, FYI:

Stratolaunch (not located in Seattle, but bankrolled by Paul Allen)

Virgin Galactic (vessel modeled on SpaceShipOne, also bankrolled by Allen)

Planetary Resources (asteroid mining company)

Space Angels Network (venture capital for commercial space entrepreneurs, located on Redmond)

Jan 13 kitschnsync commented on Mudede Admits He Made a Mistake about Dogs and Public Transportation: The Story of Citizen Canine.
More evidence that Charles was way off base: Russian dogs have mastered riding the Moscow subway.
Jan 8 kitschnsync commented on Dazzling Variations on the Traditional Hot Pot.
I found Boiling Point to be a pretty unpleasant dining experience.

Besides the fact that the seafood in the hot pot gets totally rubbery and overcooked almost immediately, the smell of Sterno(?) overwhelms the dish. I had to call over a waiter to extinguish the flame so I could eat.

Cooking as you go is definitely a better way to eat a hot pot.


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