It's not very popular.

Apr 2 Chris B commented on Shooting at Ford Hood Military Base in Texas.
The CNN article about the Fort Hood shooting starts with this sentence and link: "Stay safe and share your images with iReport."

What, "Here I am staying indoors hoping my wife gets home safely"?
Apr 2 Chris B commented on #Cancel Colbert: The Politics of Being Offended.
Hell, if she's this mad about satire, where's her ire about Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck or any of the other right wing ditto heads who say darker, more racist things WITHOUT the excuse of satire to protect them?
Mar 26 Chris B commented on The Morning News.
The Bertha link is broken, but it sounds intriguing...
Feb 28 Chris B commented on SL Letter of the Day: Honestly Open And Unbearable or Dishonestly Open And Functional?.
@4 There's something to that, but it's also about the stability in knowing that while your other partners will come and go (no pun intended!) your presumably primary, non-dating partner will stay with you because they simply aren't distracted. When that's threatened and the positions are reversed, suddenly that foundation is seriously shaken. So the letter writer's wife knows for a fact that she can have all the flings she wants and she can go back to hubby. But when hubby finds someone else, that's a tremendous shock.

I was in a disastrous open relationship for three years with a woman who cycled through a number of girlfriends in that time and really didn't have time for my discomfort. But when I started dating someone else, I had to stop seeing the other woman because... well... because. We broke up shortly thereafter.
Feb 26 Chris B commented on Jan Brewer About to Announce Decision on Arizona's Turn-Away-The-Gay Bill.
Conservative ditto-heads complaining that she caved to "big business"? That's special!
Feb 19 Chris B commented on Will You Boycott Fast Food Tomorrow?.
It's been said: it's hard to boycott something I already don't do (see also: watching the Olympics)

And while I plan on getting a coffee on the way home, it'll be my indie coffee place that could do with the business.
Feb 18 Chris B commented on Spoiled Rotten: The Lego Movie.
@1 And most of the models for the movie were revealed at the New York Toy Fair this past weekend, including Benny's Spaceship Spaceship! SPACESHIP!!!!! for $70. And as cool as some of the recreated vehicles were at the end of the film, I'd rather make them myself than have the instructions...

I'm with you, Paul. It was a fun film that didn't take itself too seriously but the hype is kind of ridiculous. The usher at the screening I went to said he thought it was the Toy Story of this generation and... no.

I wish I'd liked it more, though.
Feb 12 Chris B commented on What Do You Think of the Transcendence Trailer?.
So it's Lawnmower Man 3? Or is it 4? I may have missed a direct to video sequel or two...
Feb 11 Chris B commented on Protestors Must Stop Attacking Public Forms of Transportation.
When I worked at Fred Hutch, I'd use the trolley on a semi-regular basis to get downtown. Knowing that someone was messing with my commute (either way) to make a wide, badly aimed point about another company I had not personal dealings with beyond the occasional book or MP3 wouldn't do much to win my sympathy.
Feb 10 Chris B commented on Lindy West Has a Hot Tip For Anyone Apartment Hunting on Capitol Hill.
Exotic and vintage? What did they think this was, an Etsy listing?

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