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Sep 2 Chris B commented on An Illustrated Review of the Highs, Lows, and Very Contagious Eye Diseases of Penny Arcade Expo.
"And tucked away on the sixth floor..."

Kind of says it all, doesn't it? I'm glad they made any effort at all but having it in what sounds like Siberia isn't promising.
Aug 28 Chris B commented on Anita Sarkeesian Threatened with Rape and Murder for Daring to Keep Critiquing Video Games.
"For once in my life I would LOVE to hear a feminist say something about the objectification of men in everyday life. Ever see those Abercrombie and Fitch ads with men with sixteen pack abs and their faces covered, sending the message to boys that you can't be attractive without unrealistic, airbrushed abs and arms? "

Because men also have an ongoing narrative in most of the media that says that even the most clumsy schlub has a chance to get The Girl while the non-standard female is the butt of jokes for sharing similarly unlikely preferences. Vince Vaughn and can lust after the hot blonde of the movie but it won't get the same laugh that Melissa McCarthy gets for lusting after the cute lifeguard.

Also, although the numbers for male eating disorders are on the rise, they are a tiny minority compared with female disorders. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, only an estimated 10-15% of people with anorexia or bulimia are male ( http://www.anad.org/get-information/abou… ) So it's a problem, just like male rape (10% of all victims are male according to RAINN) or male sexual harassment (16.3% in 2011 according to EEOC), but it's nowhere near the same scale!

You want to hear about how men are the victims? You're not going to hear it because, as sad and unfortunate as it is, it's just not as pressing compared to the sheer number of women who are fucked over every day. Sorry but not really.
Aug 22 Chris B commented on Don't Go See the Towering Pile of Garbage That Is Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.
It's sad and interesting to see how Rodriguez went from being our generation's George Lucas of vim and vigor to our generation's George Lucas, retreating into a green screen maze and the ego to believe he can do everything.
Aug 21 Chris B commented on UK Comedy Show Offers to Fly Westboro Baptist to Iraq.
Adam Hills, the comic, is bloody brilliant! I hope this ups his visibility in the States because he needs to be seen more.

And the way he quoted the bit about the platypus shows he watched Live at the Met just a little too much as a kid. ONE OF US! :)
Aug 13 Chris B commented on Reporters Say They Were Just Arrested in Ferguson, Missouri for Not "Leaving McDonald's Quickly Enough".
It's been interesting following some of the Twitter compilations of veterans watching this, noting that the cops are better equipped and have more on their persons than the vets ever did in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Aug 11 Chris B commented on A Book for White Kids: "My Parents Open Carry".
I saw on Twitter somewhere that there was a "sequel" already. It's the same cover but titled "I Used to Have a Brother".

Kind of said it all, I felt.
Aug 7 Chris B commented on Oil Train Disaster Emergency Responders: Assemble!.
"As a result of this exercise," he said, "we are as ready as any county in the nation can be."

Well thank goodness they thought and talked about what could happen if an event happened in one location with all the time in the world. I feel safer. Yes indeed. Utterly reassured.
Aug 5 Chris B commented on Woody Allen on Gaza: "The Arabs were not very nice in the beginning...".
Woody Allen (and a lot of people) should read Harvey Pekar's "Not The Israel My Parents Promised". A very well written precis of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict going back to Biblical times, spelling out how Jewish culture and faith changed according to specific events and how that lead to further zealotry in a lot of cases.

There's no room for 'nice' in this conversation. It's sweet and all, but... no.
Jul 31 Chris B commented on I Love the Blue Angels, and I Hate the Blue Angels.
What made this post even better was some kind of embedded ad that let the Blue Angels strafe my browser while I was reading it. As if working in SoDo didn't give them enough opportunities to be loud and obnoxious.
Jul 25 Chris B commented on My Philosophy.
Just a thank you for mentioning Shaprece's new EP. Downloaded, tipped and I can't wait to give it a listen. Such a talent.

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