Jan 20 Chris B commented on White Nationalist Richard Spencer Punched In the Face During Inauguration Protest.
Spencer is a bully who gets away with being a bully because he knows that the system is rigged in his favor and nobody knows what to do about him anyway.

Seriously, schools may talk about a zero tolerance policy on bullies, but the truth is they kind of can't be bothered because it's a fraught topic. And while bullies may be seen as stupid, they're often cunning enough to exploit that. Gas Lighting: the early years. The bully doesn't actually hit you, his minion does. Or if someone in authority is called upon, it's easy to talk about how you were just roughhousing, or promise it will never happen again. And, hell, if you're the victim (not like I ever was *cough*), when called on about it, you'll lie in the off chance that it might put off worse damage down the line. What, where did you think the Cops era rhetoric of abused wives came from? "He didn't mean to hit me, officer! He's a good man!" So teachers and principals mirror the usual line of how you need to take care of this for yourself or if you ignore them they'll leave you alone or... sound familiar?

So bullying is complicated, kind of above the teacher's pay grade. But what happens if you respond? What happens if you snap or react or, what's the word, defend yourself? Well that's fighting and fighting is clearly not allowed so everyone involved (including the victim) will be suspended. If you're a good student (and I was) who doesn't want that kind of blot on your record (because, as I was told by the principal, they didn't expect that of me, I'm usually nicer, what happened?) you learn not to do anything.

The system is rigged. And the cunning bully, like Trump, like these racist assholes, knows this and exploits it. I mean, where do we start the whole "boys will be boys" rhetoric that we keep hearing after another athlete rapes a girl? When do you first hear about how "Oh he wouldn't do that, he said they were playing" defense? On the playground, because it's easier than getting involved.

So, no, violence is not the answer. But I'm starting to believe that something like this, something on a relative low level? I think it could change the question significantly.
Nov 23, 2016 Chris B commented on Guest Editorial: Sawant’s Response to Mudede’s “Brazenly Dishonest” Argument About Anti-Trump Protests.
Is this the new political philosophy coming to Seattle already? "Don't use what I said or did then, believe me this time!" Cool, nice to see we're ahead of the trends for once.

Bless your idealism. Truly, we need more of it than ever if we're going to change things. But the minute Trump became the GOP candidate (hell, before then), it should have been clear that this would not be an election about change but about survival. And now, if we're going to be able to fight against the recidivist Powers That Be and corporate factions that delight in Trump's windfall (and that may not necessarily be the GOP at this point), we need to be pragmatic. Strike that, we have NEEDED to be pragmatic instead of breaking off into different, over-zealous sects because one candidate or another isn't making the campaign promises you want in the language you approve of.

You can say the DNC has a lot to answer for because they didn't work to rally the base to the Clinton campaign and you'd be right. A lot can be said about the same liberal hubris that tripped up Dewey running against Truman. Hell, I saw people on Facebook laughing about all these votes were meaningless and "my meaningless vote for Trump cancels out your meaningless vote for Clinton!" Not so meaningless now, right?

Which is the problem: whatever your personal problems with the Clinton campaign or Hillary Clinton either as a person or a political player, if you really truly actually gave a damn about stopping Trump, you had one job. It may have struck you distasteful to the extreme, but you had to vote for the candidate who stood a chance in hell of winning. Honestly, we live in a state with mail in ballots, it's not like it was even that bloody hard to do or hard to find for you!

Instead, you played a very small part in aiding Trump's win by encouraging people to ignore a cold and distasteful political reality and hope that by voting for a long shot, everything would be OK. Sleep tight.
Aug 21, 2015 Chris B commented on The Morning News: Airport Workers Win, State Accepts Volunteer Firefighters, Seawall Project Delayed.
Zillow also apparently reported that it's cheaper to own a house in Seattle than it is to rent because mortgage payments are lower! At least, that's what I got when I was asked by a tv news reporter doing vox pops in my neighborhood. And I'm sure that's true if you're newish to the area and not being priced out of the neighborhood. I don't think anything I said about that made it in the report.
Aug 17, 2015 Chris B commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Asexual Dom.
@9- It's not that scary, no, but if you believe in the idea that all kink is 50 Shades of Grey and the PVC, Mistress of Pain and Lord DomdeDom of Ravenclaw complete with a binary map of what you like, it can be hard to believe that under all the hype you're dealing with quirky, flawed people who all over every spectrum from people who Live The Lifestyle to folks who like to break out the bondage gear on the weekends. I've been there and even after my time in the scene, there are days and ways where it can be hard to break from the "script".
Jul 16, 2015 Chris B commented on I’m Trying to Stay Excited About the Return of Bloom County.
I feel the same way about the new Bloom County as I do about the new Jurassic Park. Yay? I guess?
Jun 22, 2015 Chris B commented on Dear Seattle, Why Do You Hate EMP?.
I feel like I like the building more than I care about anything inside it, really. It's pretty and photogenic and once a year or so I wander around it enjoying the colors. It's fun for photo shoots.

But the inside is, as @23 said, tomblike and doesn't change enough to warrant multiple visits and is focused on the least interesting aspects of either music or science fiction. It's neat to see the tchotchkes and the ephemera but that doesn't hold a candle to watching the films, reading the books or, best of all, seeing the bands themselves. The three times I've actually experienced music there were for seeing They Might Be Giants perform there, seeing one of the last Iron Composers (with Jello Biafra!) and one time when I played a corporate gig with a samba drumming troupe. The rest of the time, it's just looking at stuff.
Jun 19, 2015 Chris B commented on In Music News: No '1989' for Apple Music, Spotify's Rewinding Your Taste, "New" Pavement Tracks.
Oooh, new Robyn a day after I was idly wondering what she was up to and if she might be releasing anything in the near future. Thanks for the heads up, Lindsay!
May 29, 2015 Chris B commented on This Is the Most Ridiculous Letter to the Editor We've Received All Day.
This guy couldn't think his way out of a paper bag, so he's very obviously unarmed...
Apr 6, 2015 Chris B commented on High School Principal to Lesbian Student: You MUST Wear a Dress at Prom.
@8 : " it's still just a high school dance where the kids are served a meal then get photographed wearing tacky outfits they will be embarrassed by in 10 years."

Eh, it matters to people who care about it. As a non-sports fan, I watched the city lose its collective shit over the Super Bowl this year and I felt the same way: "It's just another football game where two teams butt heads together and for a year it matters but..."
Apr 2, 2015 Chris B commented on Seattle Restaurant Owner Behaving Badly.
I'd be happy to join a boycott of Tom Douglas's restaurants if I could afford to eat there.