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The CHZA is not trippin.
11:45 AM yesterday The CHZA commented on Live from DC: Tweeting the Inauguration, the Protests, and the Clashes With Police.
@4 protesting like this is retarded, so therefore the rest of my opinions are ABC and XYZ

Fuuuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuu
9:02 AM yesterday The CHZA commented on Live from DC: Our Best Tweets About the Inauguration! (All of Which Are Better Than Any Trump Tweet).
I don't understand people who travel to be pains in the ass like this. You're just a thorn in some cop's side and forgotten the day after.
8:45 AM yesterday The CHZA commented on Watch the Inauguration (Or Don't).
I completely forgot about the horrible poetry at the last Obama inauguration, why bother watching a culmination of loathsome thinking
Jan 18 The CHZA commented on New to Town: Want to Live in Seattle? Here's an "Urban One-Bedroom" in South Lake Union.
that price for that place and it's 98% full

fuuuck everyone moving here, jesus
Jan 18 The CHZA commented on Here is The Freeze You Ordered.
@7 yes let's just ignore the clashes of culture (or rather, culture vs manufactured "experiences" and "identities") at the center of the current problem. we're not transforming from a fishing town into hippy-dippy land, we're transforming into the worst parts of SF and LA.
Jan 18 The CHZA commented on Chelsea Manning Gets Her Sentence Reduced Courtesy of President Obama.
Snowden is a hero. Manning was a disgruntled blind data dumper.
Jan 13 The CHZA commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Red Hat Leads to Assault.
If you are STILL out and proud about your Trump support, you're pretty much advertising your all-around shitty personhood at this point.

That's not an excuse to assault someone, but advertising what a terrible person you are in a city like this is not going to have you met with smiles and helping hands. If a guy was wearing an overtly neonazi hat vs some MAGA bullshit, nobody would be discussing this.
Jan 11 The CHZA commented on Sarah Schulman's Conflict Is Not Abuse Is a Guide to Keeping the Peace.
Word fucking up. This should be required reading for incoming freshman.
Jan 11 The CHZA commented on The Body Found In the Lily Pond Belonged to Amy Vanderbeck.
Same can be said of a pet bird or a nice flower arrangement. Crispy Crust Christ, we see things and then when they're gone we still remember them? Fuckin wow! Give this guy a raise!
Jan 10 The CHZA commented on Intel Chiefs to President-Elect: Um, Dude, the Russians Have a Compromising Video of You Being Pissed On And/Or Near By Russian Sex Workers.
This is a strange document - the "(whom he hated)" parenthetical is odd to see in a report like this. Where did this document come from?