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The CHZA is not trippin.
4:49 PM The CHZA commented on I, Anonymous.
These types of encounters are fine as long as you experience them *once*.

If you experience it again, you need to rethink how you meet and evaluate people in the first place.

Props for being smart and just cutting the whole shit out immediately instead of "talking about it" or some other BS
6:01 PM yesterday The CHZA commented on Watch Hillary Clinton Describe "the Steady Stream of Bigotry" Coming from Donald Trump.
>"His latest paranoid fever dream is about my health. And all I can say is: 'Donald, dream on,'"

ohhhuuuuguughhhhherhurjgk jesus fucking christ
1:03 PM yesterday The CHZA commented on Speaking Out About the Matt Hickeys of the World Won't Be Enough To Change Rape Culture.
>The idea that what happened to her wouldn't be considered sexual assault may be the most devastating part. She feels like the police aren't on her side, that they insinuated "my rape wasn't really a rape." She doesn't want to go through that experience again by reporting what happened to the Seattle police.

It wasn't a rape, you put yourself in a situation you could have left and then something may have happened that unfortunately cannot be corroborated because you didn't go and get a rape kit done.

But we can't tell women to not take (repeated) drinks from a stranger because they could get raped because that would be victim-blaming.

How about the "women always make the right choice" aspect of rape culture? No Hickey shouldn't have done whatever after he got these women drunk but who the fuck goes to a stranger's house or a fucking motel and accepts blackout-drunk levels of drinks from them. It does a disservice to younger girls seeing these examples of "you can make any mistake you want and it won't really be your fault because the man's always worse."

Encourage personal responsibility instead of bringing out the "VICTIM BLAMER" bullhorn. Common fucking sense.
Aug 24 The CHZA commented on The Coming Death of One of Seattle's Few Black-Loved Supermarkets.
I don't understand this absolutism associated with the concept of gentrification. Here's Red Apple. Black people live nearby and shop there. There's not going to be a Red Apple soon. Black people disappear because there's no groceries? They aren't going to be allowed in any new establishments? No and no. So what is the actual issue?
Aug 24 The CHZA commented on 2016 Stranger Genius Award Nominee....
@2 it's a riff on Wu-Tang names, grandma
Aug 24 The CHZA commented on The Morning News: Governor Declares Wildfire State of Emergency, Cell Service Coming to Light Rail.
But personal responsibility can't enter into the conversation any more. Those women who kept taking drink after drink from Matt Hickey weren't endangering themselves, only he's to blame. We went from black and white to black hole and supernova. Reasonable discourse isn't possible.

At some point there will be a critical mass of platitudes and hashtags and women will suddenly stop getting raped!
Aug 24 The CHZA commented on The Morning News: Governor Declares Wildfire State of Emergency, Cell Service Coming to Light Rail.
At some point I would think people would realize that the types who actually do drunk rapes or other College Thingsā„¢ really don't care what kind of snarky "oh le MEN" comments and slogans and other empowerment crap is directed their way.

You aren't talking to anybody who needs to listen to you and the people who need to listen to you don't care what you have to say. Hell the whole Amy Schumer/Lindy West school of thought is more of a choir-preaching circle jerk.

Everyone outside is thinking "I don't rape people so stop yelling at me about it, and also you are really pretty fat and that's not healthy regardless of your confidence"

Keep enjoying your high from your identity politics, it doesn't matter to anyone who actually needs to care.
Aug 22 The CHZA commented on 2016 Stranger Genius Award Nominee....

how full of yourself do you have to be to come up with a particular capitalization of your name
Aug 22 The CHZA commented on Mayor Convenes Homelessness Task Force; Won't Stop Problematic Encampment Sweeps.
I didn't walk up to my house in the middle of a sidewalk one day and decide to drop all of my shit there in the first place