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The CHZA is not trippin.
9:14 AM yesterday The CHZA commented on Who's Worse: Camille Paglia, Sanctimonious Liberals, or My Sniveling Self?.
Louis C.K. was making a joke, not an assertion. This "men need to tell OTHER MEN NOT TO RAPE" aggro-ass feminism does not accomplish anything but create rifts.
Mar 17 The CHZA commented on What Happened Yesterday at the Central District's Umoja Peace Center?.
this does not sound like much of a loss for the community unless you really really dig crazy people.
Mar 16 The CHZA commented on Guest Editorial: Starbucks' New Paid Family Leave Policy Isn't as Groundbreaking as You May Have Heard.
Corporations always treat their office workers better. They are harder to find and harder to replace. A senior project manager versed in whatever you need done in your company is harder to vet and recruit than a barista. There is way way more variance in employee performance and trustworthiness down at the hourly level as well - suits are asking "how do we know they aren't going to lie for free vacations" because you know how people who have a big Audi to drive to work think about plebs.

This is not going to be fixed through anything but federal mandates, and given that the majority voting bloc is a bunch of morons we have a lot more waiting to do. Stories like this at least help to start holding some feet to the fire.

Maybe weirdass Schultz will have the right heartstring plucked and improve the policy, or make it permissible for baristas to do birth announcements on their customer cup doodles.
Mar 13 The CHZA commented on A Stimulating Interview with Ayelet Waldman, Author of Microdosing Book A Really Good Day.
I wish I could do this without the required social networking of weirdos to find LSD or mushrooms
Mar 13 The CHZA commented on Mayor Murray Interrupted by Youth Jail Protesters During Irish Week Kickoff Speech.
protesters like this find their own hubris way too appetizing to stop and consider being reasonable people
Mar 10 The CHZA commented on Greenwood Business Owners Remember the One-Year Anniversary of Neighborhood Gas Explosion, Discuss Recovery.
Did Giugliano lose gas service at home? He looks freezing
Mar 8 The CHZA commented on Shticker Shock with Ellen Forney.
Apple rejected a winking dirty tampon? What a bunch of prudes!
Mar 7 The CHZA commented on The Poor In Seattle Are Taxed Like Hell.
@7 if you're a landlord and you pay property taxes, you are not going to continually absorb property tax increases. They are eventually going to hit your tenants, because that's how the economics of taxation and being a landlord typically work. Gas is taxed (poor people are driving more because their jobs cannot rely on the maybe-you'll-make-it-on-time bus system) and all household items that don't go in your mouth are taxed. Clothes are taxed.

>Plenty of landlords lose money each month. Eliminating property taxes would do little to rents.

Fucking weeeeak, come on dude. This is like a dismissive high schooler libertarian's attempt at an argument.
Mar 7 The CHZA commented on The Poor In Seattle Are Taxed Like Hell.
This is what everyone decrying the development explosion is talking about. The people driving growth here are not interested in participating in a city community at large, they are only interested in sustaining their lifestyle. None of them care if the person handing them their daily dose of sugar and dairy has an hour-long trip home to Tacoma to look forward to and none of them are interested in supporting a state income tax like we so desperately need. You're pretty much living in West Bellevue now – the only difference is the undesirables were already here instead of comfortably at bay across the lake.
Seattle is a lost cause – it's a corporate-centric playground for people who like homogenized safety untouched by the lower echelons of society, because that's a bummer man!
Mar 7 The CHZA commented on I, Anonymous: Park Pooch.
I was told Poochie died on the way back to his home planet