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The CHZA is not trippin.
1:11 PM yesterday The CHZA commented on Milo Yiannopoulos Gets Dropped from CPAC.
How about one of you "how could you give him a platform" incredulous children point to a case where a blowhard ideologue was rejected by media outlets and subsequently disappeared?
If you aren't afraid of the efficacy of his arguments, why are you afraid? If you are afraid of the efficacy of his arguments, are you too stupid to pick them apart yourself? He is not writing the new Mein Kampf, he's a hack plagiarist.
8:57 AM yesterday The CHZA commented on Milo Yiannopoulos: Girls Are In Danger When Adult Trans Women Use Public Toilets But 13-Year-Old Boys Can Benefit From Giving Head To Adult Males.
@6 exactly. Bill's commentary is pretty stupid but I am glad he stands up for the idea of letting ideas stand on their own merit vs suppressing people you don't want to hear from.

I think the more classically liberal idea of open discussion and free exchange of ideas is gaining traction again, but there is still a large contingent on the general popular left/progressive bloc that feels they must scold and shame and silence anyone who speaks against The Truth because of the mewling snowflakes who can't handle themselves and wilting lillies who don't want to recite "sticks and stones" for the mewling snowflakes.

This is really the first article/post I've seen that makes the vapid trollbaity crap that Milo spews plainly obvious because it *uses his own words*.

Everyone else wants to whinge about general opinion about Milo and his journey from Breitbart and yada yada yada – listen to his couple of appearances on Joe Rogan's podcast. Listen to him on Maher. He's a moron narcissist who trolls at the level of a teenager. There's no deep thoughts happening.

Let him get out there and show that to everyone - shunning him just makes him look even more correct to the morons who are going to seek him out regardless of how you boycott or protest, the same way the people who voted for Trump got emboldened with every shame-flushed shushing they got from the I'm With Her crowd.
Feb 16 The CHZA commented on The President Is Insane.
@14 I'm not thinking of a voluntary departure, I'm thinking of some new never-before-seen ridiculousness that results in something more forceful. He still clings to this "people love me and I'm great at everything I do" illusion that has fallen big and hard since the election. He's also dumb as a doornail. I think he's going to get even more flustered and irrational and fuck himself out of office somehow if Congress doesn't get to him first.
Feb 16 The CHZA commented on The President Is Insane.
I don't see this guy lasting even a year. He can't handle his own shit and it's barely been a month.
Feb 14 The CHZA commented on Judge Declines ACLU Request to Halt City and State Seizures of Homeless People's Belongings.
I'm sure those folks pushing overflowing carts full of shit have very important uses for all of those things.
Feb 14 The CHZA commented on Anti-Trans Activists Will Soon Start Gathering Signatures for Their New Ballot Initiative.
Is there really any valid concern about this gaining traction here?
Feb 10 The CHZA commented on Ace Frehley Soldiers On.
I'm sticking with Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen for my shredmastery
Feb 10 The CHZA commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Two Men Try to Sell a Boat.
cool heads prevail and get the... sail! oh! OHHH!
Feb 9 The CHZA commented on Girls Has Been a Gift—a Gift with Baggage, but a Gift Nonetheless.
I had to stop watching Girls because I couldn't keep dealing with what a terrible person Lena Dunham is vs how obviously intelligent she also is. I can't watch people capable improving as themselves as people who keep turning back into the worst of themselves because it's ultimately most familiar. Selfish people suck.
Feb 9 The CHZA commented on Forty Five Minutes Passed Between When a Seattle Police Officer Saw Che Taylor’s Handgun and When Taylor Was Killed.
Okay, so now we have multiple witnesses corroborating the existence of the holster and gun long before any action was taken. This is sounding like a very reasonable exchange. Are any BLM people eying this case going to be capable of admitting that though? The cop-always-guilty approach isn't exactly winning minds.