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The CHZA is not trippin.
Apr 27 The CHZA commented on Mercury Is in Retrograde. But WTF Does That Mean, Anyway?.
Short answer: it means nothing because astrology means nothing and provides nothing. It is an invention of little apes staring up at lights in the sky. It has no basis in anything other than the hopes and wishes of its creators.
Apr 27 The CHZA commented on Interview With the Founder of the Super-Lefty Festival Red May.
Maybe Karl Marx was wrong? His writings haven't worked out in practice very well.
Apr 27 The CHZA commented on The Morning News: Paul Allen Gives $30 Million to House the Homeless, Why Was a Student Charged With Assault For Using “Fart Spray” in School?.
fart spray is fucking noxious. that stuff is a total ender in the wrong hands.
Apr 26 The CHZA commented on Cataldo Hits Their Sweet Spot on Keepers.
A TV antenna on a radio? Poor hipster form...
Apr 26 The CHZA commented on Why Does This House Cost $1,000,000?.
Tons of people from all stripes and incomes want single family homes. The Stranger likes to push this falsehood that urbanism is the universal desired future.

You ho-asses like going on hikes? Cool, some of us like having a decades-old tree in our back yard instead of concrete planters and a common barbecue. Fuck having neighbors above you. Fuck having neighbors below you.

Did you all *really* graduate from college or did you just move in to a slightly nicer dorm room?
Apr 25 The CHZA commented on Accuser’s Subpoena Describes Alleged "Cover Up" at Mayor’s Home Last Summer.
One set of parties claim this crazy guy took back his shirt and wallet from the house, the people who were there claim it was two crazy people who never came inside of the house.

Yet El Estraño is focusing on the uncorroborated weirdo side of the story only, which also has nothing to do with the diddly accusations against the mayor.

Did you know if you go read the Portland Mercury that it still doesn't look like some weirdo local tabloid?
Apr 24 The CHZA commented on Why Does This House Cost $1,000,000?.
The answer is this city sucks ass because everything went straight to the top earners for the last ten years. Have you been out of the Seattle-Everett-Tacoma giganto-metro area recently? It's California with worse weather up here. I actually enjoyed being in friggin Eugene because the streets weren't all packed with cars and ridesharers and the homeless actually seemed relatively reasonable. I could go from point to point without having to look out for people new to the idea of crosswalks or not using their phone. It was like up here was 10 years ago.

Seattle is going to grow whichever way the fuck-yall Prime Now-using rich assholes want to pay. Regular folks ought to find better places to live than fight to remain in an area increasingly built against your best interests and quality of life.
Apr 19 The CHZA commented on SPD Remove Anti-Gentrification Activists Occupying MidTown Center Building.
maybe they'll find something more productive to do other than squat on their ideals over doomed properties
Apr 19 The CHZA commented on Excerpt: We Sent Ijeoma Oluo to Spokane to Meet Rachel Dolezal.
Nobody is saying transgenderism isn't a real thing. It's just a bit silly to try and foist up the idea that gender and all various things associated it is somehow a construct of society rather than an aspect of biology.

Transgender people unfortunately got their biological facts and their psychological facts crossed up in the same body and that really sucks for them to deal with, but the answer is not to make society act like the key item that T folks struggle with is somehow not real and concrete in general. Assuming and acting upon gender norms isn't trans-phobic when 99% of the population identifies with the parts they popped out of their mom with.

If I meet a trans person I will accommodate them as will any other decent person, but it is positively and completely unreasonable to expect a transformation of society at large to the extent where everyone is at first assumed to possibly be a member of the 1.something% trans population vs the almost everyone else on the planet who is cisgendered and all associated biological processes and socializations therein.

Tl; dr: I understand that trans people are real and have problems, but they can't expect gender as a concept itself to be bent by the vast majority of non-trans society to their preferred perception.
Apr 19 The CHZA commented on Excerpt: We Sent Ijeoma Oluo to Spokane to Meet Rachel Dolezal.
@17 >Funny how easily we accept that gender is a social construct

That has only been accepted in the fringiest far-left circles. Most people still assume that everyone they meet is the gender they look like because that's now 99% of the population continues to operate. We are never going to live in a world where we learn each other's names and preferred pronouns before anything else because 99% of people are cisgendered and don't need to give a shit.