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Jul 11 John Galt commented on San Francisco Scares Off App That Lets You Bid on Public Parking Spaces.
Don't forget "https://reservationhop.com" another "innovation" by a SF tech.

His idea? It was hard to get reservations at many SF restaurants. So he started making fake ones, tying up all the free tables, and then selling them to people.

He calls it a "secondary market".

After a "crazy holiday weekend" he had to do a "soft pivot". The blog post is a fascinating mix of utter narcissism and what passes for business speak.

Jun 5 John Galt commented on Stephen Colbert and Sherman Alexie Talk About Boycotting Amazon.
Paul, how could you post this and not mention the part where Colbert asks people to purchase "California" by Edan Lepucki?

They even picked Powell's Books (http://www.powells.com/biblio/9780316250…) as the independent bookstore to buy it from.

That strikes me as quite an oversight.
May 30 John Galt commented on It's Cheaper to House the Homeless Than Not House Them (In Case Economics Is More Important to You Than Empathy).
You don't need to cite Florida to make this case. Seattle's DESC has been running the "1811 Eastlake " building for almost a decade. You can find out more here (http://www.desc.org/1811.html) along with links to studies examining the effectiveness.

When assuming the narrative stance that everyone else is a dumbass lacking in basic human empathy, you might want to learn more about the solutions being explored in your own back yard.
Feb 9 John Galt commented on "Black Like Us" Hits a Nerve.

"Made to feel bad by the blacks around her"

No, not the "blacks around her" - her family. The family she denies, sacrificing her relationship with all of them, to pursue her marriage.

Do you think those actions had any bearing towards her relationship with her family? Or was her racist family always hateful towards the mixed-race children?
Feb 9 John Galt commented on "Black Like Us" Hits a Nerve.

I'll admit that a Seattle theatre putting on a play with the express message that mixed-race people should hate themselves would be daring. How likely is it that that is the case here?

Your summation is broad and careless. You justify this with reference to your heritage. You are not so much illogical but willfully blind.
Jan 23 John Galt commented on Utah Might End Homelessness by 2015.
Seattle already is trying something like this: http://www.desc.org/1811.html

1811 Eastlake opened in 2005 and provides supportive housing to 75 formally homeless men and women with chronic alcohol addiction. It is the first of its kind in Washington to address the needs of homeless chronic alcoholics who are the heaviest users of publicly-funded crisis services. 1811 Eastlake is the subject of multiple rigorous evaluations and has received recognition both nationally and internationally for its effectiveness.
Jan 22 John Galt commented on Screw Comcast and CenturyLink.
ChiefJoe@2 - The "meters" mentioned in the article are not parking meters, but electrical meters. Not only that, but parking meters use a cellular data connection that has nowhere near the bandwidth of the fiber connections being discussed.

One place to start would be to get the list of potential customers from GigaBit. I've spoken with many tech-types who would happily pay for a gigabit connection, helping subsidize a city-wide network.
Aug 7, 2013 John Galt commented on Blade Runner Today.
Charles, the problem with your analogy is that the current-day examples are composed of multiple exposures, taken over the course of days and laboriously assembled, while the example from Blade Runner appears to be an image captured in a single instant.

A better example from the current-day would be the "Light Field Camera". An image is captured in a single instant, but captured in three dimensions, not just two. After taking the photo you can change the depth of field, or even change the perspective of the photo, all "after the fact".

You can see examples here: http://www.lytro.com/camera/
May 30, 2013 John Galt commented on Stay-at-Home Dad Combats Sexual Fantasies By Putting Women in "Imaginary Burqas".
I think it's telling that he went with "imaginary burqus" and not an imaginary penile chastity device. If you're imagining things - why put her in a sack when you can make yourself a Ken doll?

Not just telling, sort of the whole story.
May 21, 2013 John Galt commented on The Geography Hate.
Charles, you are incorrect. That slur is not "red hot in the 206". If you zoom in the map and cross-reference against the map of 206 and filter the "hate map" to that particular slur, you can see that it doesn't register at all.

Further, the data was aggregated by county, so attributing any of the behavior shown to an area within a county is impossible. It cannot be said to apply to "the 206", only King County.

So not only is what you said wrong, it was impossible to state in the first place. Are you intentionally damaging your own reputation?

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