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  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: what do i care? i'm dead.
  • What book have you read the most?: catcher
  • What keeps you up at night?: nothing. i can sleep standing on my head.
  • Elliott Bay or Amazon
  • Poneman or Pavitt

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Apr 12 mr. herriman commented on Scarlett Johansson, Predator.
I saw it earlier tonight. In my defense I was extremely tired, but I confess I was confused throughout. There were a lot of things I dug about it but I was lost for most of it. My only advice is don't go unless you can give it more attention than I was able to give it. If anything made sense, I was too sleepy to catch it.
Apr 11 mr. herriman commented on Elicia Sanchez Loves Seattle Comedy.
Elicia is a treasure! I can't say enough about how much she kicks ass!
Apr 9 mr. herriman commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
Apr 9 mr. herriman commented on A Cockroach in the Restaurant: WWSD?.
my experience: ordered fajitas at a now long-gone mexican restaurant, and when they set the platter down, baby (nymph?) roaches came running out from the wooden platter all across the table. i nearly died.

called the health department to report (didn't know what else to do, we had already let management know and they were pretty useless, a la "want us to make you another one?")

what i learned: they did an inspection and got back to us really fast, believe it or not! - cockroaches are extremely common in corrugated cardboard. they hatch out in there. what this restaurant had done, not knowing that, was keep those wooden fajita platters stored near the back door where they had their cardboard boxes broken down to go out. the roaches followed the smell out of the box and into the wood. little tiny baby roaches, not big ones.

the inspector said that the restaurant was very, very clean - one of the cleanest he'd seen - and they didn't even see one of any kind of bug. but i just couldn't go back. i could barely eat fajitas anywhere for a long time, and i still think about it when i do now.

long story yeah but the lessons are:

a) don't keep corrugated cardboard in your kitchen, ever
b) it doesn't mean the restaurant is dirty

Apr 9 mr. herriman commented on How Metal is Your Period?.
Nice work, @2!
Apr 4 mr. herriman commented on A Person with Contagious Measles Spent Time at a Lot of Well-Populated Places in Seattle and Pierce County Last Week.
I fully support legally requiring vaccines. You are required by law to provide food, shelter and education for your children, and it's against the law to put other peoples' safety at risk. Vaccines fall squarely in with all this. I get your point, @12, about forced medical procedures, but this is not the slippery slope you fear it to be. Akin to fluoridating the water supply or adding vitamins to milk and flour, it's good public policy to require vaccinations.
Apr 4 mr. herriman commented on Seattle Police Fatally Shoot Bank Robber Reportedly Dressed As Woman.
It's not a contest, @15. Our cops are trigger-happy, with or without comparisons to other places at other points in time, and it's a problem. The lack of accountability feeds the problem.
Apr 4 mr. herriman commented on A Person with Contagious Measles Spent Time at a Lot of Well-Populated Places in Seattle and Pierce County Last Week.
agree with everyone above who said her infection might not be due to her own negligence, and it could be that she didn't know yet that she was infected when she was out and around. vaccinated people do catch things, and measles does incubate a while before symptoms appear. and she must have been the one who provided all the details about where she'd been, so at least she's cooperating with the health department.

having said all that, i absolutely put the blame for this, and all the other recent outbreaks, squarely on the antivaxxers, because this shit had been damn near eradicated in the US before their stupid hippie anti-science bullshit brought it back into circulation.

vaccinate your goddamn kids, people!! this is out and out lunacy. the outbreak stories are coming at a pretty rapid clip - i think there's going to be a very big problem, and very soon.
Apr 3 mr. herriman commented on Seattle Police Fatally Shoot Bank Robber Reportedly Dressed As Woman.
It would be a lot easier to believe deadly force was appropriate if it wasn't the outcome of so damn many SPD interactions. Whether it was appropriate today, I can't say, but I seriously doubt it. And the SPD's history is the biggest reason I doubt it. They've always been heavy handed, but they've gone so far beyond that it's ridiculous. Haven't they been trained in anything besides deadly force, for godssakes?! I mean, it sure would be nice to see them *not* kill the guy every now and then.
Apr 2 mr. herriman commented on Piecora's Pizza to Close Forever on April 15.
I am heartbroken. I love everything about this place.

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