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doing my part to piss off the religious right


  • What book have you read the most?: catcher
  • Meridian or Film Forum
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: your guys's
  • What's your favorite Charles Mudede post?: The sexist one with the boobs
  • Frank Gehry or Rem Koolhaas

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6:47 PM yesterday mr. herriman commented on What Do You Think of President Obama's Khaki Suit?.
Agree with @10: "The Audacity of Taupe" cracked me up.
Aug 27 mr. herriman commented on Why Is Bumbershoot Better This Year Than Previous Years?.
@10? Whoops sorry, I meant @21.
Aug 27 mr. herriman commented on Why Is Bumbershoot Better This Year Than Previous Years?.
Buttercup @10: they know that the Key shows were a disaster last year and that's why they've moved back to the stadium. They fixed the problem, which I completely agree was a terrible one.

I personally had the best time at last year's and am looking forward to this weekend. Got super early bird discount passes last November or sometime around then.

Which reminds me, oh my lord, who else saw Kinky perform last year? Absolutely fucking amazing.
Aug 16 mr. herriman commented on SL Letter of the Day: Potential Murder, She Wrote.
+1 recommending 'the gift of fear.'

and even if he was never **really** going to (physically) hurt you, you don't feel safe in your own home and that is no way to live, and is a form of abuse in itself.

leave. leave now, and don't let him know where you end up.
Aug 10 mr. herriman commented on Atheist Author Cancels Seattle Appearance After Receiving Death Threats Signed by "God's Little Helper".
Right, @9. Those things did happen. And other things that weren't hoaxes have also happened. Why is it so important to you to be a dick all the time?
Aug 4 mr. herriman commented on My Mom Just Emailed This to Me.
Love it.
Aug 1 mr. herriman commented on Food Porn Courtesy of Tallulah's.
+1 for shenandoah. she's pretty awesome.
Jul 31 mr. herriman commented on Lion Bites Off Woman's Finger in Classic "She Said/Zoo Said" Story.
No way they let her in there, much less let her try to pet the thing.
Jul 14 mr. herriman commented on Transgender Pagliacci Employee Fired, Then Offered Job Back, After Complaining About Customer Harassment.
i wasn't there and i don't know anyone involved, and i'm pro-sensitivity in general. however, this certainly READS like it was all one big misunderstanding that needlessly escalated. tone is lost when words are put into text, and it's certainly possible that it went down the way she said it did, and with all the hostile intention. but the words on the page are not damning, in my opinion. agree with @8.
Jul 14 mr. herriman commented on Gaylord Fired from Teaching Position in Tacoma for Being a Gaylord.
my kindergarten teacher was fired for being gay also. i mean i don't know the details or anything but that was the gist. some parents found out and suddenly it was decided he wasn't fit to be around children. pretty sure that is how my liberal heart was sprung. i was heartbroken to lose him, and for what? he was awesome.

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