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Oct 13 ohthetrees commented on A Critical Overview of a Quarter Century.
Birch! Best part of the Stranger, sad he's dead. Hope to read him again in another 25 years when he is resurrected.
Sep 28 ohthetrees commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Too Good To Be True.
The club I've been to with my wife had a waiting list for vetted men, and would allow just enough of them in to balance any single women who showed up. Once inside, the men were allowed to mingle in the "public" areas, but we're not allowed into the "play" areas unless they were escorted by a woman.
Sep 19 ohthetrees commented on Hate Read This Seattle Times Story About the Struggle of Two Upper Middle Class People in the Suburbs.
Thank you @11. It's possible to care about about homeless and poor people, and simultaneously care about people who have more (a lot more) but still struggle some because of the insane way our country deals with childcare and education expenses. The author of this post is really being pretty small-minded and has an unhelpful "us vs them" zero sum kind of attitude.

I grew up poor, but I got great financial aid in the form of grants and generous loans. I'm really grateful. It allowed me to move into a whole different income bracket, and now I make good money. Good enough that I can't expect any help with my two children's education expenses. So we are saving, and let me tell you, paying for childcare and saving for college is a giant expense, even for people who make pretty good money. I don't feel sorry for myself a bit, but it simply isn't true that once you move from making $30K to say $100K, you can just start living like a king. Even keeping a fairly modest life-style, taxes, education, and childcare expenses eat up the lion's share of the that extra cash.
Sep 8 ohthetrees commented on The Washington Supreme Court Is Seeking More "Coercive" Ways to Force Lawmakers to Fund Schools. We Have Some Ideas..
Shut down the whole state's public school system until it is adequately funded. It would be such a shit-show that the legislature would have to act quickly. I believe there is precedent for it too, NJ? Or jail. Throw the whole legislature in jail. That's the one.
Sep 7 ohthetrees commented on 10 Reasons Why Michael Bennett is the Best Seattle Seahawk.
"A waitress approaches and asks Michael whether he ordered the roast chicken. "Don't be racist," he says, a joke that causes her hands to tremble a little as she sets down the plate. (He did, in fact, order the chicken.) "What kind of salt y'all got? Himalayan salt?""

Mina Kimes, who wrote this piece is herself a gem:

Aug 31 ohthetrees commented on Here Are 6 Reasons Why Trigger Warnings Aren't Bullshit..
I don't count 6 reasons. Maaaaaybe 1.5. Most of them just seem neither here nor there.

Just to pick one of your reasons: "Rape is underreported, often results in PTSD, and is common."

That's true, and appalling, but what bearing does that have on whether trigger warnings are good/bad/effective/detrimental? I just think your reasons don't have much to say about it one way or the other.

I think the trigger warning advocates are not so much motived by evidence of best-practices, as the desire to acknowledge the pain and trauma of the victims of horrific crimes and traumatic events. It is admirable that these advocates want to do something proactive about it, but I just don't see that trigger warnings actually help anyone. I'd be happy to change my tune on that one if actual evidence came out supporting the efficacy of trigger warnings for mitigating the trauma of victims.
Aug 25 ohthetrees commented on I, Anonymous.
Her sin: minor. His sin: major. Her sin retroactively justified by what she found.
Aug 22 ohthetrees commented on The Morning News: Seattle's Only Swimming Hole for Dogs, a Water Park Tragedy, and Southern Floods.
I'm proud of the performance of US women at the Olympics. But they sure didn't "sweep" the Olympics. "Sweep" has a specific meaning in sports. It means to win all possible opportunities. The women did very well, but I'm pretty sure golds were won by other countries too.
Aug 13 ohthetrees commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Swinging Double Standards.
Our local club has a waiting list for single men. To get on it, you have to be nominated by an established couple. Then they are let in to balance any single women who show up to keep the ratio 1:1.
Jul 10 ohthetrees commented on Science News: The Left and Bernie Sanders Are Unscientific on GMOs, Seattle Is Wet and the Rest of the Country Is on Fire.
I am a scientist (oceanography). Personally I think GMO foods are safe to eat. But there are a lot of perfectly good reasons to avoid GMO foods. Maybe you don't like the politics of Monsanto et al. Maybe you think there is environmental downsides to GMO foods. Maybe you just don't like the sound of it.

Unlike vaccination, making a personal choice to avoid GMO foods harms no one. People deserve to be able to make that choice, for good reasons and for bad, and we need labeling to do so. I would not support banning GMO foods. But I do support labeling GMO food so people can make their own choices. If GMO foods are so much better, healthier, and cheaper, let them succeed in the marketplace.