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Feb 2, 2011 ohthetrees reviewed High 5 Pie.
Great looking shop, friendly staff. Pie just wasn't very good! Too much tough, flavorless crust, too little of the bland filling. Almost any from scratch home made pie is better. My from scratch home made pie is much, much better. Hope they re-work their recipes, I'd like to like this place!

As a starting place, I suggest they pick up a few issues of Cook's Illustrated, make a few of their pies, and they will hopefully understand how far they are from a great pie.
Dec 13, 2009 ohthetrees reviewed Avila.
Had brunch this Sunday morning with a party of 6. No wait. Waitress was very pleasant with apparently a photographic memory. We had a complicated order, with lots of revisions, and I was nervous when she didn't write anything down. But she got everything right.

We ordered a couple of starters, including their wild take on tater-tots, which is very successful.

The duck and oyster gumbo was denounced by the southerner in our group as "not gumbo, but delicious", but I just thought it was delicious.

My dungeness crab benedict was exceptional. It tasted everyone's dish, and there wasn't a disappointment on the table.

My wife's egg sandwich, bacon, frisée, teleme cheese, with ghost chili hot sauce isn't for people that don't like stinky cheese, but I liked it.

All in all, a pleasant surprise.

Cons: not cheap, especially my eggs benedict, $17.