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COMTE is not putting up with any of your bullshit.
2:36 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Repeal Day!.

Hell, I'll bet ole' Don would prefer they not wear shoes, remain continuously knocked-up, and never leave the kitchen...
2:21 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Memo to the Theater Stagehands Who Didn't Know That I Was Joking.

The idea that someone tasked with ensuring the safety of someone in this type of situation - where they quite literally have someone's life in their hands - would be so blase' about it that they'd allow themselves to be distracted in any way, shape, or form is exactly why stagehands take umbrage, because what you describe ISN'T someone who takes their job seriously - which, believe me, these people DO.


The actual answer is: it's NOT a bulb, it's a lamp...
1:41 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Fake Facebook News Could Have Caused a Mass Shooting.

Actually, you CAN in fact make this sort of shit up - which is rather the entire point of this story...
1:16 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Fake Facebook News Could Have Caused a Mass Shooting.

I agree people have a right to consume whatever the hell they want, but when their consumption and subsequent actions put other people's lives at-risk, then clearly there needs to be some mechanism for holding those who act on, as well as those who disseminate such tripe to account. Now, obviously Mr. Welch is going to be prosecuted - hopefully, to the fullest extent of the law - for his unabashed stupidity, but what about the purveyors of this garbage? Do they get to hide behind the First Amendment simply because they weren't the ones who walked into Comet Ping-Pong and pulled the trigger? To what extent can or should they be held culpable for the actions of another when there is a direct between the two?
12:46 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Fake Facebook News Could Have Caused a Mass Shooting.
We can expect lots more of this over the next few years, as emboldened yahoos with small arsenals of firearms and the credulity of of preschool children decide to take justice into their own hands - based on some shit they read on a fake news site.

Maybe we should "poison the well" by starting up a few FNS's of our own and plastering them with equally insane fake stories accusing Drumph and his minions of secretly being in cahoots with New World Order/Bilderberg/Illuminati cabals or what-not.
11:24 AM yesterday COMTE commented on Incoming Attorney General Jeff "I Thought the KKK Was OK Until I Heard They Smoke Pot" Sessions Will Have to Pry My Zoots Out of My Cold, Dead Hands.
In light of Chicago Fan's subsequent post regarding "Repeal Day", IF Sessions decides to push cannabis prosecutions, he's going to find a significant portion of the slightly-less-than-half the voters who supported Drumph sharpening their pitchforks on this; it may be one of the few issues where the Far Left and Far Right are actually somewhat in agreement. Besides, states have been essentially ignoring DEA edicts on this for a couple of decades now, and my guess is the Agency is going to be hard-pressed to comply with anything Sessions hands down, as states that have legalized cannabis are simply not going to cooperate (and the others that have allowed MM are most likely going to follow suit - pun intended), and the inevitable budget cuts combined with new mandates to increase enforcement in its areas of jurisdiction are going to mean they'll be trying to do a lot more with fewer resources. So yeah, that ought to work out just peachy for the DEA, just as it did for the feds with alcohol prohibition back in the day.
9:44 AM yesterday COMTE commented on Photos: At Seattle March Against Hate, Chants of "Women! United! Will Never Be Divided!".

So, you never actually made it out of this hell-hole, like you kept telling us you would, over and over and over again, did you? Can't say I'm surprised - or did they already kick your whiny ass out of Tejas for being "all hat, no cattle"?
Dec 3 COMTE commented on What Should We Do During "Our First 100 Days" Under Trump? Fight Back..

So, a "wing" only has two members? Did they run things double-handedly for the entire 8 years they were in office?
Dec 3 COMTE commented on Video: Thousands of Women March Against Hate at Cal Anderson Rally.
Meanwhile, hordes of alt-right White MRA's like @1, 3, 5, 6 & 7 sit on their ever-expanding asses shouting at their telescreens and desperately hoping a nearby female will fix them a sandwich...
Dec 2 COMTE commented on Seattle Will Open Three New Homeless Encampments Early Next Year.

Ah, right. Because none of those things would ever happen if we eliminated homelessness? You know, that's an experiment I for one would certainly love to see undertaken.

So, would you posit then that keeping the homeless in a central location where they can be more easily supervised, and where there is at least the possibility of some self-policing of behavior, ISN'T a better option than allowing them to disburse throughout a neighborhood with no oversight whatsoever?