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COMTE is not putting up with any of your bullshit.
in the past few hours COMTE commented on King County Officers Shot a Pregnant Woman on the Muckleshoot Reservation. Here's What We Know..

According to the NRA, the answer would no doubt be, "absolutely." Also, isn't this precisely the sort of scenario 2nd Amendment types are always whinging about: citizen has unfettered right to own a handgun; cops bust into her home without a warrant and shoot her dead in front of her children. It's an open secret LEA's use "welfare checks" as a dodge around 4th Amendment proscriptions against "unreasonable searches and seizures", and in this particular instance, while there may have been some probable cause (based on the initial call of concern) to justify the entry, and assuming (for the moment) there actually was a handgun present, the very fact the deputies were aware of Ms. Davis' potential mental state, and that the entire purpose of their engagement purportedly was to DEFUSE a likely challenging situation, one would have thought they could have at least made some nominal attempt to do just that; but apparently, they elected, in the moment, to go instead with the ever reliable "kill first, and ask questions later" method.


Part of what is generating this outrage is the fact that we will now NEVER know what actually happened. The woman (along with her unborn child) is dead, the other children are too young to provide anything even remotely resembling eyewitness testimony, and the deputies - well, it's just their word against that of a dead mother who in life suffered from mental-health issues; who do you think people are more likely to believe?
12:07 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Tries To Find a Parking Spot In Capitol Hill.

In this case the "rights versus privileges" argument is irrelevant. The law is very clear that in this particular situation pedestrians may not interfere with vehicles, so the stall-holder was indisputably in the wrong. That does not in any way absolve the driver if they did in fact make contact (a good example of the aphorism "two wrongs don't make a right"), but as has been stated elsewhere, without some kind of evidence (and sorry @48, but a single person's say-so without other physical proof or a corroborating witness isn't enough to meet the threshold for "preponderance of evidence" - that is more evidence for than against a crime having been or being committed -required to invoke probable cause), the police aren't in any position to make an arrest. That's probably why the pedestrian wasn't themselves cited for "pedestrian interference", because the officer didn't have any evidence such interference actually occurred.
Oct 22 COMTE commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Tries To Find a Parking Spot In Capitol Hill.

FWIW, I've seen people attempt this in other cities: Portland, Phoenix, and L.A. come most immediately to mind, so perhaps it's more of a West Coast thing.
Oct 22 COMTE commented on Why Do So Many ST3 Critics Want Buses When Trains Would Be Better and Cheaper?.
Shorter Anti-ST3: "Light rail won't stop in front of your house or deposit you directly into your cubicle, so it's utterly useless. Vote 'NO'."
Oct 21 COMTE commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Tries To Find a Parking Spot In Capitol Hill.

And how long have YOU been observing local pedestrian behavior?
Oct 21 COMTE commented on Putin Is Not Outsmarting Clinton, But Clinton Is Outsmarting Trump.

Ah, right. Because Clinton is personally directing AUC and other similar organizations as part of her Grand Master Plan (tm) to steal the election from Trump - like she needs their help when Trump is doing such an exemplary job of handing it to her all on his own.

And if you're going to go there, then I guess you can't deny that Trump himself is directing Alex Jones, who likewise has been caught promoting a similar ploy at Clinton rallies.

Seriously, nobody who's paying attention gives a flying fuck about either of them; a couple of D-List side-show distractions. But hey, you go right on directing your keen, laser-sharp focus on Foval; I presume it's infinitely preferable to watching Trump's turgid campaign swirling down the bowl of American political history.
Oct 21 COMTE commented on Power: From the Mouths of the Occupied Fights State Violence with Solidarity.
Ah, so White People having the temerity to acknowledge decades, nay centuries of cultural, political, economic, and racial injustice, disenfranchisement, and subjugation of People of Color by White People through engaging in collective artistic expression = obsequiousness.

I always wondered what that word meant; thanks for clearing things up.
Oct 21 COMTE commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Tries To Find a Parking Spot In Capitol Hill.

Why do you assuming I was speaking specifically about you? The use of "you" and it's variants is a fairly standard literary device and simply refers to anyone who may find themselves in the given circumstances.

And the degree to which a particular law is enforced irrelevant. Name one law - any law - that is enforced in every single instance where it's violated. Laws can only be enforced when a designated authority encounters a violation; but just because someone isn't caught, for whatever reason, doesn't mean they're not doing something illegal. It has nothing to do with systemic violations or critical situations: if a LEO sees a violation they're duty-bound (perhaps barring some extremely extenuating circumstances) to cite the infraction. Or do you think Traffic Enforcement checks first to see how many parking tickets one has before deciding whether another is warranted? THAT would truly be absurd. If they find you (again, this is the rhetorical "you") parked illegally they'll write you up, regardless of whether it's your 1st or 50th offense.
Oct 21 COMTE commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Tries To Find a Parking Spot In Capitol Hill.

Are you kidding? The arguing - and accompanying page hits - is what keeps Berry in business.

Also, your link is broken.
Oct 21 COMTE commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Tries To Find a Parking Spot In Capitol Hill.

It's also illegal, unless there's a designated area, such as a loading zone, and the parked vehicle is authorized to use it, so Parking Enforcement would probably have no problem ticketing any non-authorized vehicle they encountered in your scenario; and I would venture to guess they probably do on a frequent basis. Also, it seems belaboring the point, but surely you must be aware that "other people do it all the time" really isn't going to work as a defensible position when you're sitting in front of a magistrate trying to get a citation for a parking infraction dismissed.