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COMTE is not putting up with any of your bullshit.
in the past hour COMTE commented on Watch Seth Meyers (Nicely!) Hand Sarah Palin Her Ass.

She already thought that; it's why she's been trying so hard for the past eight years to weasel her way into a position of power in the same federal government she mistrusts, because she believes it would suddenly become so much more trustworthy with her in charge, as her previous experience as an elected official so clearly demonstrates.
in the past hour COMTE commented on WA State Representative Who Made Islamophobic Comments Laughs at Democratic Spokesperson's Lebanese Surname.

A skunk by any other name would smell so sweet...
12:01 PM COMTE commented on Rubio Pledges to Fight Gay Marriage Because "God's Rules Always Win".
Mixed-fiber - gawd spellcheck is soooo finicky...
11:59 AM COMTE commented on Rubio Pledges to Fight Gay Marriage Because "God's Rules Always Win".
So, shall we expect to see fire and toads or whatnot rain down on every Red Lobster restaurant in the country? Will Christians shopping at The Gap or 21 Forever be suddenly smitten with blindness the second they sign the credit card register for those mid-fiber Capri pants in their bags?

Seriously, I would really like to see this God of theirs actually exact a little fire-and-brimstone retribution against his chosen followers for not obeying His rules...
11:08 AM COMTE commented on Chicago Police Release Video Showing Killing of Black Teenager.
I keep wondering how many times this POS continued to pull the trigger after emptying his service weapon by unloading 16 fucking rounds into a human being armed with a knife possessing a smaller blade than the one I typically carry in my own pocket.
10:59 AM COMTE commented on The Seattle Police Department Hasn't Fired the Cops Who Beat Up a Family in 2010.

Let me guess: you're an elderly, White male of middle-class appearance, right?
2:59 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Wait, Turkey and Gravy Potato Chips?.

Jones Soda introduced a Turkey & Gravy flavored drink back in '03 and it's been an on-and-off seasonal re-issue since then, but I don't know if they've produced it for the past couple of years.
2:54 PM yesterday COMTE commented on KPLU's Advisory Board Will Ask Pacific Lutheran University Not to Sell the Station.
I imagine someone is already drafting a lawsuit against PLU, seeing as how a lot of the infrastructure that KUOW would be acquiring as part of the purchase, particularly the new transmitter towers, was paid for through capital campaigns and not from funds controlled by the University.
Nov 23 COMTE commented on Nightclub Owners Steven Severin and David Meinert Say More Patrols Needed to Keep Capitol Hill Safe.

Here, let me fix that for you:

Yesterday: "Cops need to start doing the job for which they were actually hired, namely, 'Protect And Serve', NOT 'Harass And Persecute'."
Today: See Yesterday