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COMTE is not putting up with any of your bullshit.
in the past few hours COMTE commented on Terror Attack at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester.

Sure, but only if I also get side bets on the religious affiliation of a Timothy McVeigh, or a Dylan Roof, or an Anders Behring Breivik, or - well, presumably you get the idea.


News Flash: Race =/= Religion
in the past few hours COMTE commented on Light Rail, I Love You But Your Signage Fucking Blows.
Oy, no matter which exit you take from pretty much any underground LR station on the LINK line, you won't end up more than a block from any of the other egresses. ONE BLOCK, people. If that's enough to completely mess up your sense of direction - you clearly have no sense of direction to begin with.
9:42 AM COMTE commented on State Senator Introduces Bill to Ban Masks and Hoods in Public.

Dude, that happened way back in 2011. Nobody pays attention to shit that was posted on SLOG more than six years ago.
9:28 AM COMTE commented on Terror Attack at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester.
Strange how people can focus on the religion of the killer (which so far isn't even known despite Daesh's claim of responsibility), and apparently ignore the same religion of the doctors who treated the dying and wounded, the cab drivers who transported people away from the scene, the many who voluntarily donated blood in the aftermath, and the roughly 9% of the population of Manchester who had nothing to do with this heinous attack and have unequivocally condemned it.
4:26 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Sometimes I Think Donald Trump Is In a FemDom Relationship.

I don't see any reason why WE should be nicer to HIM than his own WIFE apparently is...
2:36 PM yesterday COMTE commented on State Senator Introduces Bill to Ban Masks and Hoods in Public.
Why do Conservatives hate Halloween?
9:23 AM yesterday COMTE commented on The Morning News: Faster (But Not Fast Enough) Trains For Amtrak Cascades, Owning an Air Conditioner Is UnSeattle.
I've lived in Seattle for more than 30 years and in all manner of domiciles, from boats to barns, and everything in-between, and I've learned that if you live in a brick building around here A/C is becoming increasingly necessary. Brick tends to absorb heat during the day and release it at night when outside temperatures cool down; however, it's pretty indiscriminate in the sense that expiration of heat tends to go inside (even with insulation) as much as out. We live in a brick triplex with lots of southern and western exposure, and for much of the summer, especially the past four or five years, the internal temperature has hovered in the high 70's to low 80's for weeks at a time, even at night. Fans only move the hot air around, and it's a constant dance to have to open and close doors and windows, and shift fans during the day to expel hot air out one side and to pull cool air from the other side. We use a 5,000 BTU portable A/C unit in our bedroom, but that only keeps it barely comfortable when we're sleeping; the rest of the house becomes essentially a brick pizza oven from July through early September.
May 18 COMTE commented on Conservatives on Twitter Still Convinced That the Deadly Accident in Times Square Was an Act of Terrorism.
Shorter White People: "Was it a brown person driving? TERRORAMISM!"