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  • What piece of art would you steal?: "The Lion of Nimrud", because it's already been stolen, and it seems only proper to steal it from the Asshole who now has it.
  • If you could bring one dead person back to life, who would it be?: Jesus - just so he could set the record straight once and for all
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Jul 19 COMTE commented on KIRO Host Dave Ross Ties Himself in Knots Trying to Defend His Participation in The Mikado.

"For everything, there is a first time. Wouldn't you agree Captain?"
Jul 18 COMTE commented on KIRO Host Dave Ross Ties Himself in Knots Trying to Defend His Participation in The Mikado.

While what you state is certainly correct - in legal terms - things tend to work very differently in the everyday world. And I would further point out that, while intent does come into play in legal proceedings, it is still up to a judge or jury to determine whether the actions resulting from such intent achieve the standard required for a particular crime to be considered as a greater or lesser offense. It is very common for punishments to be either increased or decreased, because, when all the facts of a case are taken into consideration, it is determined that such standards are either not met, or have been greatly exceeded. Intent plays some part in that, but invariably, it is how those intentions are carried out - how the resulting action does or does not match the presumed intent - that becomes the deciding factor in adjudicating innocence or level of guilt.


Not in the least. All it takes is giving more conscientious consideration to possible responses BEFORE one acts. The reason people use the "that's wasn't my intention!" defense is simply because they didn't engage in this process. It's not that one must over-analyze every possible ramification, but that one makes the effort to consider a wider scope of responses than just the ones with which they personally identify. "Walking in someone else's shoes" as it were, rather than simply assuming everyone else will feel comfortable walking in their own.

It really just isn't that difficult. For example, how different might this discussion be if the producers of "The Mikado" had asked themselves, "hm, we're going to do a satirical Victorian musical set in an anachronistic stereotyped Asian milieu - I wonder how contemporary Asians might feel about our choices?" Even posing this simple question first could have resulted in more engagement with the community in question. Maybe it would have resulted in making a good-faith attempt to bring Asians into the production; maybe it would have informed directorial decisions that served to acknowledge the racial typing and comment on them in a way that added to the discussion, as opposed to becoming the discussion. At the very least it might have offered the people doing the production a means of entering into the dialogue as active participants: "well, yes. As a matter of fact we DID consider how affected ethnic groups might respond. We even reached out to them to establish a dialogue, we listened to them, and as a result we made choices that we believe address their concerns while at the same time maintaining the artistic integrity of the production." THAT would be a far better, more constructive statement on the part of the creators than a paltry, "we never MEANT to offend anyone! Why is everyone being so MEAN to us?"
Jul 18 COMTE commented on KIRO Host Dave Ross Ties Himself in Knots Trying to Defend His Participation in The Mikado.
As I've said elsewhere and in other contexts, INTENT is irrelevant; EFFECT is everything. The old saw, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" is very apt in this instance.

What a person intends - or thinks they intend, if they thought about it at all - frequently isn't even given consideration until someone else expresses offense or outrage at the actions resulting from the intent. "But that's NOT what I meant!" is the usual, standard response, frequently expressed in a confused, defensive, and slightly petulant tone, as if the offended person should have automatically understood and accommodated the intent, regardless of the outcome.

We all understand the concept of "unintended consequences", but people who take that into account tend to be rather more cautious in terms of acknowledging at least the possibility of there being effects beyond those considered. But, it seems, in this case at least, nobody really ever gave them much, if any, consideration at all - and that is what is so disappointing about the walls people like Ross are putting up in trying to defend their actions. As if, everyone else should be mind-readers and simply KNOW they didn't mean any harm, while at the same time actively denying the harm that has already been done.
Jul 17 COMTE commented on In Culture News: Blindfold Gallery to Close, Sun Ra Rises Again, and Local Filmmakers Earn Praise.
Jeebuz, is there ANY indie film made around here in the last five years that Tony Doupe' ISN'T in? (Love ya' buddy!)
Jul 17 COMTE commented on "The Journalistic Equivalent of a Flaming Bag of Dog Poop".
It's an interesting, and necessary debate, but not one that's ever going to elicit anything in the way of comprehensive answers suitable for all occasions. For example, do we stop reading "Huckleberry Finn", because Jim and other blacks are constantly referred to as "niggers", a term fraught with negative connotation today, but not so much when the book was written? Are we forever barred from watching Spike Lee's "Bamboozled", because of its presentation of African Americans in patently offensive blackface? Is "Breakfast At Tiffany's" to be relegated to the trash-heap of insensitive racist cinema because of Mickey Rooney's appalling performance as the grossly stereotypical buck-toothed Yunioshi?

The point being that, some acknowledgement of historical context must be given to these works, even if they are deemed racially insensitive or even patently offensive to our more contemporary sensibilities and awareness; sweeping them under the rug and pretending they never happened doesn't foster the discussion any more than does reflexively defending their obvious shortcomings.

It seems to me a far better, more constructive approach to these and similar works is to simply acknowledge their inherent (or blatant as the case may be) racism, and to re-construe them in such a way that they serve to not only illustrate the more archaic attitudes represented by their creators, but to shine a different sort of light on them, one that more directly confronts modern questions of race and gender. What, for example could "The Mikado" illuminate about our own culture, if all the roles were reversed, with Asian American actors portraying the Americans and vice-versa? Patrick Stewart made a very similar statement with his reverse-color "Othello" a number of years ago, and I don't recall there being anywhere near the criticism of that production than with the decidedly more traditional version one discussed here recently.

I think it IS possible to address the larger issues of race and identity performing these works call into question, it just requires more imagination, sensitivity, and awareness of what those issues ARE and how such works will be perceived in the context of modern presentation, than it appears the producers of the SG&SS production managed.
Jul 17 COMTE commented on Anti-Immigration Candidate for AZ Governor Says He "Stood Up to the Gay Lobby".
No, no, he stopped GAY IMMUGRASHUN! You know, from California or New York or Rhode Island or wherever them gays come ashore!
Jul 17 COMTE commented on Hobby Lobby Is Expanding to Washington in a Big Way.
Better yet, just plaster every item in the store with little stickers proclaiming: "THIS PRODUCT MANUFACTURED IN COMMUNIST CHINA BY CHILDREN, POLITICAL DISSIDENTS AND SLAVE LABOR." I would imagine for roughly 90% of their products, it would be a true statement.
Jul 17 COMTE commented on Good News! Apples Are Finally More Convenient!.

In other words, turning a traditionally low-value or waste product into a "value-added" product, as they say in the industry. Like how water used in food processing is repackaged as high-priced "natural artesian water" or how the runoff from cheese-making is dehydrated and resold as "dried whey product" to other food manufacturers.
Jul 17 COMTE commented on The Republican Party Has No Idea What to Do About Gay Marriage Anymore.
Ah venomlash, you have the patience of a saint. Not that any of your comment @46 will make even the teeniest little dent in the mass of Silly Putty c_s uses to fill his skull, but it was a noble effort nonetheless.

Seriously, I think it's far past time we stopped engaging with c_s altogether. He's the worst kind of troll: one who is so rampantly inconsistent in their opinions, so patently (and willfully) obtuse in terms understanding any opposing viewpoint, so egregiously dismissive of any and all evidence presented refuting their position, that they simply cannot be dealt with in a rational manner. Nor does he want to be, IMO. He simply argues for the sake of argument; hoping against all odds that at some point, someone will mirror back to him his nebulous, scatter-shot, half-baked, eight-grade level Randian ideology.

Maybe if we collectively ignore him, he'll either get bored and leave SLOG, or find some other motivation to actually make good on his perpetual promise to vacate this Liberal hellhole in which he finds himself trapped - by his own sloth and lack of initiative - and move the fuck away to the Libertarian Paradise he envisions in the Lone Star State. We should do everything possible to actively encourage him in this endeavor, because the sooner he picks up stakes and moves on, the better off ALL of us will be.

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