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COMTE is not putting up with any of your bullshit.
5:57 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Trumpcare Fails to Even Make It to a House Vote.

Except that that's not what's happening - if you actually look at what IS happening. For one thing, most of us don't get our health care through the marketplace: more than 150 million of us get it through our jobs, and another 55 million disabled and retired people get theirs through Medicare. Funny thing about those two: since the ACA was enacted increases in familiy premiums have slowed dramatically, down to an average of 3% annually as of 2016. And since 2011 other premiums have been averaging increases of about 4% per year, as opposed to more than 6% in the previous five year period, and way better than 2001 - 2006 when they shot up more than 12% per year. Medicare has seen similar low annual increases since 2011, averaging less than 1.5% per year, the lowest five year growth rate in the program's history. Meanwhile, more than 20 million more U.S. citizens have coverage than they did before enactment.

But, yes, there are some areas were things aren't working as well, mainly in states that have eschewed Medicare expansion. And, because the state exchanges didn't even exist prior to 2014, insurance companies had no history of claims from it to use as a basis for setting initial rates; some did a pretty good job guessing, others not so much. The ones that grossly underestimated costs did raise their premiums significantly in subsequent years, but that wasn't a failure the system so much as it was a failure of those insurers to anticipate just how much demand there would be for the new markets in some states. And lets also not forget that since enactment employer-based plans have seen far smaller increases than they did prior, which means that nearly half the people who have health insurance derived some tangible benefit from the ACA, even though they're not enrolled; a crucial fact critics conveniently fail to mention. Plus, increases in the individual market have also slowed significantly; before the ACA it wasn't uncommon for the ensured to see double-digit annual increases in premiums. That too has slowed dramatically since the law was enacted. Furthermore, analysis by the Congressional Budget Office strongly indicates the state co-ops and exchanges will remain stable - assuming Republicans in Congress and in those 19 states where GOP run legislatures and executives have refused Medicaid expansion would stop trying to sabotage the program to the detriment of tens of thousands of their own citizens.

Nobody envisioned the ACA as being a perfect plan; far from it. But just like any new product that goes on the market, you put it out there, see how it works in the real world, and then make improvements to fix what isn't working. Unfortunately, Republicans, both nationally and at the state level have adamantly refused to consider any changes that would actually make it work better, for the simple reason that they WANT it to fail. The irony being of course that, when they finally put forth their own alternative, after seven years of telling us how truly awful the ACA was - it turned out to be orders of magnitude WORSE.
1:05 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on Trumpcare Fail: "It Was Such a Sweet Moment To See".

This is hardly anyone's idea of a political "money shot"; it's a tactical victory, albeit an important one, and given the massive shitshow we've been subjected to for the past two months, we'll take those victories - big or little - where ever they may come. And for the people paying attention, we know there are a lot more of these God-awful bills coming down the pipeline, but failing to pass the AHCA puts a huge obstacle in front of SCROTUS and the GOP, because they were depending on that Trillion-dollars in cost-cutting from gutting Medicaid to provide a huge portion of their upcoming tax "reform". With that now off the table, their job of transferring even more wealth to the 1% becomes just that much harder, but we still need to continue to fight to oppose that, and every other piece of crap legislation they're going to throw at us.
12:55 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Two Openly Gay Candidates Are Running For Office Up In Anchorage—Or Is It Three? (UPDATE: It's Three.).

OTOH, it is rather unique to encounter a Log Cabin Republican who may actually live in a log cabin...

Mar 24 COMTE commented on Trumpcare Fails to Even Make It to a House Vote.

Great, now I have an image of Milo Yiannopolous wearing a metal speedo stuck in my head.
Mar 24 COMTE commented on Required Viewing: Elizabeth Warren Rips GOP.

Google is a thing. Use it.
Mar 24 COMTE commented on Live: Watch House Members Cast Their Votes on Repealing Obamacare (Or Maybe Not).
Also, according to NBC, Ryan has pulled the bill from the House floor.

One can assume SCROTUS has already completely forgotten the AHCA ever existed, and presumably Spicer will claim in his next press conference that any reference to it is simply "made up" by the lying, fake news purveying press.
Mar 24 COMTE commented on Morning News: Patty Murray Will Vote No for GOP's Supreme Court Pick, You Will Not Find One McDonald's That Would Hire the Black Equivalent of Trump.
Shorter @12: "They didn't look, sound, or act exactly like me, therefore they must be lazy and incompetent."
Mar 24 COMTE commented on GOP Senators Vote to Repeal Rules Protecting Your Private Internet Browsing History.

A bunch of my tech-nerd friends were having a discussion online about exactly this just yesterday.

From them I gather that VPN's are only as secure as the people at the other end of your connection, because they still have access to your browsing history, and for this reason they don't recommend most common VPN providers, although apparently there are a few out there that are considered more trustworthy than others (F-Secure out of Finland appears to be their current favorite). The also suggest using TOR in addition to the VPN and setting up a firewall between your cable box (if that's how your bringing in the pipeline) and your router. That said, they seem to feel VPN+TOR using Epic as your browser is a reasonably secure setup, especially when logging onto unknown public networks. But I'm guessing all of this adds up to a lot of technical acumen beyond the average user, and only the most tech-savvy would even bother going to such lengths.
Mar 23 COMTE commented on Dems Are Going To Filibuster Gorsuch But We're All Going to Die Anyway Because of the AHCA.
Thing is, if Ryan bends over too far for the Freedom Caucus, he's going to lose support from GOP moderates, so depending on how things go (as it now appears they're going to delay the vote past this evening in order to allow more time for threats and strong-arming, er, negotiations), it's still possible the bill might not even make it through the House. And I seriously doubt the more entrenched members are going to take "don't worry, we'll fix it in reconcilliation" sway them, because they know that just means watering down what they really want, namely, a full-on repeal of the ACA.