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  • What keeps you up at night?: Red Bull
  • What is your sweetest taboo?: Sucrose.
  • What piece of art would you steal?: "The Lion of Nimrud", because it's already been stolen, and it seems only proper to steal it from the Asshole who now has it.
  • Punch Buggy or Slug Bug
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede

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COMTE is not putting up with any of your bullshit.
9:33 PM yesterday COMTE commented on I, Anonymous.
Almost every evening commute this time of year, I end up trying to merge onto the northbound lanes of Aurora at Denny with a couple of duckboats. If I'm lucky, I'll get right in front of one in the double lanes and straddle them, so they can't push up about 10 car lengths in the right-hand lane and cut in ahead of everyone else. I imagine the driver's faces turning all flushed thinking about the asshole in front of them who's slowing them down and throwing their schedule all-to-fuck.

It's a pretty good feeling, I have to say...
9:24 PM yesterday COMTE commented on This Weekend, Seafair Should Blanket the Sky with Drones.
Actually, the harassment started last evening, when one of the BA's decided to "buzz" Ballard at maybe 1,000 feet; both my neighbor and I happened to see it fly over, in all its window-rattling glory. All I could do was turn to him and comment, "coming in a little low and hot isn't he?" He sort of half grinned and nodded his head.

Thing is, if I hadn't actually SEEN it was a BA, I would have sat there waiting for the inevitable distant "boom!" of a jetliner crashing into a building downtown.
9:19 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Seattle Police Officer Cynthia Whitlatch Should Be Fired, Says Misconduct Investigator.
Oh, so NOW all of a sudden georgeingeorgetown is "concerned" about following the letter of the law, and insisting it must be adhered to whether we agree with it or not. Funny, I seem to recall that he was arguing exactly the opposite of that in a previous comment thread. I guess he only likes the law when he agrees with it.

4:59 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Seattle Police Officer Cynthia Whitlatch Should Be Fired, Says Misconduct Investigator.
There's also no evidence he DID swing the golf club at her, either.
3:26 PM yesterday COMTE commented on Black Americans Could Respond to "Driving While Black" Infractions by Boycotting Cars.
Wouldn't make any difference anyway; they'll just pull you over for Walking While Black, Talking While Black, Breathing While Black - all of which, IIRC have examples that played out pretty much the same way.
10:26 AM yesterday COMTE commented on Did Anyone Make It to the Straight Pride Parade Today?.

You really have no idea how organizing, unions, or labor laws in general work, do you?
Jul 24 COMTE commented on Today I Got Pulled Over for Driving While Black.

It's easy for White people to take that kind of "I'll be cool and let the judge sort it out later" attitude, but given the penchant for cops to KILL Black people well before they ever get that opportunity, regardless of how much they may try to "shrink the threat footprint" at the time, it doesn't seem like they have all that much more to lose (if the odds are they're going to lose their life anyway) by directly challenging authority, putting it on video, and getting it into the hands of someone who can perhaps do something with it in the (unfortunately, rather likely) event the situation goes completely south and they don't survive the encounter.
Jul 24 COMTE commented on Guest Editorial: City Attorney Pete Holmes Should Stop Prosecuting Black Lives Matter Protesters.

Remember the fish truck that jackknifed on I-90 back in March? Or the bee truck that overturned on I-5 a month later? Or the dump truck that crossed the median barriers and plowed into a bunch of cars in the opposite lanes just a few days ago? Or the bridge that collapsed a couple years back? Those incidents effectively blocked entire directional lanes making it impossible for traffic to move for hours; not moving at a trickle, but stopped, dead in its tracks for hours and hours and hours. And these occur with far greater frequency than the comparatively rare occasions that protesters block traffic on the freeway, which happens maybe once every three or four years - at-most. Yes, the latter is deliberate while the former aren't, but the effect is still the same. The point YOU fail to acknowledge is that, regardless of your personal feelings in the matter, and irrespective of your litany of hypothetical scenarios, the LAW says what the protesters did was LEGAL. You don't have to like it, and you don't have to agree with it, but you DO have to live with it. Too bad for you.

But nice try with the strawman "but what if they blocked emergency room entrances?" Here's the funny thing about that - they didn't DO that, did they?

And you certainly seem to be aware - now - aren't you? So, there's at least ONE.
Jul 24 COMTE commented on Seattle Wants to Increase Affordable Housing, but Its Rules Are Hard on Tiny Houses Like This One.

I had to do all those things when I owned my boat both when I was a liveaboard and after I moved off, so maybe it was just AGC being extra-cautious. I think the additional insurance coverage must have become mandatory after a couple of big marina fires in the early 2000's, but IIRC AGC required it because of the proximity of slips to McCormick & Schmick's Harborside restaurant and the possibility of a kitchen fire. Or something. It was well over a decade ago.
Jul 24 COMTE commented on Seattle Wants to Increase Affordable Housing, but Its Rules Are Hard on Tiny Houses Like This One.

You can always file a complaint, but as a general rule RV squatters pick industrial areas away from residences, and be very, very quiet precisely so as to attract as little attention as possible, and as such they tend to not be a very high priority for law enforcement.

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