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COMTE is not putting up with any of your bullshit.
12:26 PM COMTE commented on Live from the Seattle Womxn's March!.
Pay not attention to CS. He's just upset that his glorious dream discovering of a Trumpian/libertarian "Galt's Gulch" in Tejas was dashed when they kicked him out.

Either that, or he's just been too lazy and disorganized to manage to make the move he SWORE he was going to do - more than a year ago - in the first place.
Jan 20 COMTE commented on White Nationalist Richard Spencer Punched In the Face During Inauguration Protest.
"Maybe Spencer owes that person money."

Naw, for this type of job you take payment up-front.
Jan 20 COMTE commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: We're Not Moving To Canada (Yet).

My wife is Canadian, so I have an easy out, if it comes down to that, although personally, I'm more of a "stand and fight" than a "run away! Run away!" kind of guy. But, even I have to admit this constant refighting of the same battles over and over again is draining, and the older one gets the harder it is to pick ones self up off the mat and raise the gloves.

I fear this nation is rapidly approaching a point where the divide between two diametrically opposing points-of-view: liberal, intersectional progressives versus conservative, exclusionary reactionaries; is simply too great to be reconciled in any meaningful way. I don't know how such a separation would manifest, but it seems clear that, barring some actual external threat that might - MIGHT - bring the two sides together, we are going down the road of becoming a perpetually divided nation, and such dis-union cannot be maintained without a radical reconfiguration of our national identity. I won't be around to see it, thank the goddess, but I can well imagine that in 100 years, at most, the "great American experiment" will be over, and something else, hopefully, something better, but probably only so for some of our posterity, will have taken its place.
Jan 20 COMTE commented on Live from the Occupy the Inauguration Protest at Westlake.
Yeah, because Conservatives treated Obama with so much respect...
Jan 20 COMTE commented on Watching Trump's Inauguration from Inside Red Hat Territory.

So, you've had a long, intimate relationship with your primary care physician? Do you exchange birthday cards? Had each other over for dinner? Gone on trips together? 99% of people who see doctors, even regularly, probably don't know much more about them than their names.
Jan 20 COMTE commented on We Watched the Trump Inauguration Speech So You Didn't Have To.

I honestly do not believe that, whatever transpires in the next few months/years, the entire nation will go down the road to fascism. We're just too big of a country, and too divided: politically, philosophically, economically, culturally, racially; to ever become the sort of mono-culture that universally adopts that kind of authoritarianism. I'm not saying there won't be large swaths of the country that could go in that direction, but it's also pretty clear there would be a lot of overlap, geographically-speaking, and the enclaves of resistance will be large and virtually impossible to bring under-heel.
Jan 20 COMTE commented on We Watched the Trump Inauguration So You Didn't Have To.
"And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain"

Yeah, that sounds about right...
Jan 20 COMTE commented on The Racists Are Not Afraid Anymore.
Hey ladies, this guy is a keeper, for sure...
Jan 20 COMTE commented on Watching Trump's Inauguration from Inside Red Hat Territory.
"Buy American," says the spray-tanned traffic cone orange pussy-grabber to his followers - most of whom are wearing hats made in China...