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5:22 PM yesterday Urgutha Forka commented on Week in Weed: Stoners Being Slobs on 4/20, Country Music Drug References, and Where Teens Hide Their Stash.
What @2 said.

I live in Colorado. The stoners are no more, and no less, likely to trash a place for a big event.

Yep, the place had a lot of trash afterwards. Yep, so does almost every other event here. Yep, stoners are like everyone else, some are pigs, others aren't.
Apr 28 Urgutha Forka commented on Trump Executive Order Could Re-Open Arctic, Atlantic, California Waters for Offshore Drilling.
This is just pandering to the ignorant and uninformed republican base. There's no real need for arctic drilling, not that the idiot republicans even know that. They only care about stigginit.

"Hey, look, those libtards said we couldn't drill, but I'm saying Drill Baby Drill! Yeah, suck it libtards! Stigginit!"
Apr 28 Urgutha Forka commented on Fondue Chain That Charges "Living Wage" Fee Donated to Anti-Minimum Wage Campaign.
What @1 said.

If these whiny restaurants want to implement the price increase that way, fine, to me all it does is paint them as pants wetting little loser bitches.
Apr 27 Urgutha Forka commented on Beloved Seattle Drag Queen Sparkle Leigh Was Injured in a Hit & Run. Here's How You Can Help..
Terrible what's happened, I hope the recovery is smooth.

That said... is that our country's health care now? Begging online for donations from strangers? That's the health care of "The Greatest Country On Earth?"

Jesus H. Christ this country is in the shitter.
Apr 26 Urgutha Forka commented on Republicans Are Trying To Take Away Your Healthcare, Again.
Making america great again!
Apr 25 Urgutha Forka commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Much Ado About a Micropenis.
What a bizarre letter. She sounds high or confused or something.

Also, @1, nice!
Apr 25 Urgutha Forka commented on Judge Halts Trump's Order Blocking Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities.
Trump: Nothing but a lot of talk and a badge.
Apr 24 Urgutha Forka commented on Married Couple Who Shot and Pepper Sprayed Milo Yiannopoulos Protestors Charged With Assault.
The prosecution probably doesn't think they could get that charge to stick