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Urgutha Forka
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  • What's your favorite Charles Mudede post?: The sexist one with the boobs
  • What song or movie makes you cry?: Glory
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: You're/Your
  • Dan Savage started the Iraq war. Why?: He could no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.
  • What song do you never want to hear again?: Anything by Beck

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Oct 2 Urgutha Forka commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: You're Asking the Wrong Person.
definition of the L-word
L-word... lesbian?
Oct 1 Urgutha Forka commented on Obama: “Our Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough”.
Meh, humans are a primitive, un-evolved species that still get pissed when the fucking neighbor has a better lawn than they do. Nothing here is surprising.

Sad turn of events, but I'm not shocked that humanity has, again, failed to live up to its already low standards. If this whole planet gets wiped out by a random asteroid tomorrow? The universe will likely be better off as a consequence.
Sep 25 Urgutha Forka commented on Awesome Welcome Home Hate Mail.
The comic sans is great, but that quote is victory!
Sep 24 Urgutha Forka commented on #ShoutYourAbortion Is Still Roaring on the Internet.
Well, yes, those opposed to abortion are (for the most part) not actually opposed to abortion, it's merely a convenient and more socially acceptable way to be opposed to equality in general, and women's rights specifically. But in any case, this pathetic old man, Jim, is a waste of time. He'll die of natural causes long before anyone will be able to drag him, kicking and screaming, into a better world.
Sep 24 Urgutha Forka commented on Urgent Call for Blood Donations to Help Victims of Aurora Bridge Crash.

Also, research finds that offering compensation for donating blood reduces the amount of donors, because the potential donors get cognitive justification for not donating... they can tell themselves, "I don't need the money, I'll let someone who does need the money donate."

When you remove compensation, it also removes people's justification for not donating. It's weird, but due to human nature, the less you pay people, the more they'll donate.
Sep 24 Urgutha Forka commented on #ShoutYourAbortion Is Still Roaring on the Internet.
You're trying to rationalize the man's emotional outburst with logic. It's unlikely to work.
Sep 24 Urgutha Forka commented on Call for Blood Donations to Help Victims of Aurora Bridge Crash.
My blood type is AB+, so donor banks rarely want it.
Sep 22 Urgutha Forka commented on Bros: Let's Talk About Planned Parenthood (Non-Bros Are Allowed to Read This, Too).
While leftists want government regulating every aspect of life from first breath (though in no way protecting the unborn!)
In no way protecting the unborn??? The entire article is about the importance of Planned Parenthood, an organization that is founded almost exclusively on reproductive health and pre-natal care, and how conservatives (rightists!) are the ones trying to get rid of it and liberals (leftists) are the ones trying to save it.

Jesus H. Christ, talk about getting your fucking facts wrong!

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