Oct 25, 2016 DavidG commented on Vote Approved on ST3!.
@2, if you're expecting to pay $2600 you a) live in a $1 million+ home b) own multiple Lexuses or c) make $300k+ per year. In other words, the only world in which you're paying that much is a world in which you are filthy rich. Otherwise, I suspect your math is wrong.
Oct 25, 2016 DavidG commented on Vote Approved on ST3!.
@1, @3, if ST3 passes, it probably will NOT be the last transit measure we see. ST3 includes studies to fund a Ballard-Fremont-UW line as well as West Seattle to Renton via Burien. Those could be a part of an ST4 package in 4-8 years.

Even without a dedicated Ballard-UW line, you'll be able to take a U-District to Westlake train in 8 minutes, then a Westlake to Ballard train in 14 minutes. With a 6 minute headway for the transfer, that's a max 28 minute Ballard-UW trip with ST3. AND, you're guaranteed to never get stuck in traffic.

If we get ST3, there's no need to stop there. If we don't get ST3, we definitely will NOT get the dream subway system we all want, whether that's ST3 or something different.
Oct 21, 2016 DavidG commented on Why Do So Many ST3 Critics Want Buses When Trains Would Be Better and Cheaper?.
@1, the notion that ST3 has "no accountability" is simply a lie. They're one of the most scrutinized public agencies in the state. http://www.soundtransit.org/About-Sound-…

@3, you don't have to use light rail for a 1-seat ride to benefit. Part of the implementation is a restructuring of bus routes to better serve stations. When I lived on Capitol Hill and worked in Ballard, I had to take the 8 to the 15, and the layover was sometimes 25 minutes in Queen Anne. If the bridge was up, or I hit rush hour traffic, that added another 5-10 minutes to the trip. And I still had to walk half a mile on either end of my trip. It would've been so much easier to take the 8 to light rail then walk to my destination at the end.

What I'm saying is the light rail lines serve to connect the hub areas of the city, allowing bus lines to better serve local connections instead of long, cross-town routes that are more likely to get stuck in traffic and get delayed.
Sep 22, 2016 DavidG commented on Portland May Be Less Diverse than Salt Lake City.
Charles, don't you remember the Battlestar Galactica episode where they visit a "Ronald D. Moore" they look up in the phone book, who turns out to be a retired Black man, and make him sit down and write new episodes of BSG? That was pretty hilarious actually, he was into it.
Sep 6, 2016 DavidG commented on The Cost of Light Rail Will Be Cheap in the Long Run.
@1, that's a weird and arbitrary comparison to make since so many things have changed besides inflation since 1904 when the first NYC lines opened, but currently, the under-construction 2nd Ave subway line in NYC is costing $4.45 billion for 3 stations at 2 miles of underground track.
Jul 8, 2016 DavidG commented on What Might Help Is Decriminalizing Minor Offences That Increase Encounters Between Cops and Blacks.
@10 If you want to solve fare evasion, make public transit free for all. Simple.
Jul 5, 2016 DavidG commented on #RezoneSeattle.
@18 - here's some background for those who are just tuning in... http://www.seattlemet.com/articles/2016/…
Mar 24, 2016 DavidG commented on Ask Us Anything About Our Caucus Endorsement(s).
This election in particular has created polarized worlds of Facebook sharing where conspiracy theories and bad information flourish—yes, even among liberals. If that’s the world you want to live in, where reality changes based on the link you click, you should actually really like the way we did our endorsements. If it isn’t the world you want to live in, we should all strive to be better informed—and support good journalism.

So is this an admission by the Stranger that they aren't adhering to "good journalism" practices? Rather than being a "commentary", most people I talked to were simply confused by it, not realizing there were actually 2 endorsements. The fact that the widget stores your answer in a cookie means that you can't go back and see what other people are seeing. I fail to see this as a commentary on the "social media echo chamber", where at least you can dig up information on the other side if you're looking. This was just awkward and ageist.
Oct 13, 2015 DavidG commented on Only Seattleites Know That Seattle Is a Major American Tech Hub.
It's spectacular because it's the biggest thing of its kind. This is not hard to understand trolls, back in your cave.
Aug 19, 2015 DavidG commented on Ferguson Transformed Marissa Johnson in a Good Direction, but Her Use of the Phrase "White Supremacy" Is a Big Problem.
bell hooks:

To me an important breakthrough, I felt, in my work and that of others was the call to use the term white supremacy, over racism because racism in and of itself did not really allow for a discourse of colonization and decolonization, the recognition of the internalized racism within people of color and it was always in a sense keeping things at the level at which whiteness and white people remained at the center of the discussion.

In my classroom I might say to students that you know that when we use the term white supremacy it doesn’t just evoke white people, it evokes a political world that we can all frame ourselves in relationship to….

And so for me those words were very much about the constant reminder, one of institutional construct, that we’re not talking about personal construct in the sense of, how do you feel about me as a woman, or how do you feel about me as a black person?

… We have to problematize nationalism beyond race, in all kinds of ways that I think there’s a tremendous reluctance […] to have a more complex accounting of identity.