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Jul 3 ssmary commented on Happy 4th of July! Don't Blow Your Balls Off.
Our half-Canadian household was pleased to hear the young people of the CD celebrating Canada Day on Tuesday with fireworks. And also July 2nd. And June 30th, come to think of it.
Jun 6 ssmary commented on Police Searching for Man With Gun on Capitol Hill.
The Seattle University public safety emergency response text went out at 12:43. I can't be the only one whose immediate response was to be really worried because of yesterday.
May 29 ssmary commented on Dear Seattle: Stay Home This Morning, Seriously.
First thought: well, I'm not going downtown, and my bus is a surface street bus.
Second: shit, all the routes are going to be stuck in the backup everywhere they get close to downtown aren't they?
*checks one bus away*
Mar 5 ssmary commented on Morning News: Too Many Calories, Not Enough Taxes.
Do you think maybe it's a beaver? because I can't think of any kids books which associate otters with dams.
Feb 25 ssmary commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Germans Make the Best Commercials for Supermarkets.
This video got much better when I read that one of the slang meanings of "geil" is "horny"…
Feb 20 ssmary commented on It Could Soon Be Legal For Satanists to Discriminate Against Christians in Arizona.
Could the same laws also allow, say, teachers to refuse to teach children of same-sex parents? or kick potentially-gay kids out of their classrooms? (it seems like that's a possibility in the way they've been reported, but I haven't seen it specifically mentioned)
Feb 17 ssmary commented on Rich People Willing to Pay $60 for a Pound of Coffee, Just to Remind Themselves How Rich They Are.
I stopped using my keurig (it was a gift), and have been absolutely loving my aeropress for the past few months. About $26 for the contraption, and regular coffee from the grocery store, and significantly better coffee.
Feb 14 ssmary commented on Vancouver Provides Crack Pipes in Vending Machines.
Pragmatically, it's important for the price to be high enough so that non-users won't go through buying up all the pipes for a lark. (Also, amusingly, they can't drop it below a nickel because Canada doesn't have pennies anymore!)
Oct 18, 2013 ssmary commented on Nat Geo's "Drugs Inc: Wasted In Seattle".
I love that they flashed the engagement ring ad billboard on the side of the jewelry store as a part of the "look how seedy!" montage...

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