Nov 18, 2016 -J commented on Letter to the Editor: "If We Glance Away, Even for a Second...".
Please correct me if I'm wrong but that was a piece of fiction. I'm not saying it doesn't depict something that could take place, but I don't believe that interaction actually did take place.

One night I was out for a walk because my fiancee and I had had a fight (don't remember what it was we got married all is well) when I came across a homeless man loudly cursing at his bicycle and the world. He had purchased the wrong tube to fix his flat tire and was screaming about how the shop had cheated him. Normally this is the kind of thing I would stay on the other side of the street and avoid (apparently crazy man screaming at the world late at night holding a knife trying to widen the valve hole in his rim). Instead I went up to him and offered to help fix his bike. I went home, grabbed some tools to as well as some food and a beer. Went back (I had said I would return, he was shocked that I did) gave him the food and beer fixed the bike and as I was leaving gave him a little money and wished him well. This made him very happy he opened up to me.

The racism poured out. He has had a really rough time and he blames it on black people (not the term he used). I can't remember what I said, something about treating everyone equally and then quickly extricating myself from the situation. Something weak. I resolve going into a Trump presidency to do my best to both treat people with kindness and to try to confront their (and my) biases. It's fucking hard and awkward as hell and necessary.
Nov 8, 2016 -J commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Spotted a Friend's Husband On Twitter—Now What?.
Nice title to that post. Twitter is a dangerous place and all.
Nov 1, 2016 -J commented on Tear Down I-5 in Central Seattle and Replace It With Apartments?.
I'm 36, I bike everywhere, I've never owned a car and even I think this is a terrible idea. Just astoundingly bad.
Oct 21, 2016 -J commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Tries To Find a Parking Spot In Capitol Hill.
I don't drive, and I've never owned a car, but I am fully on the driver's side with this one. Get your ass out of the street, it isn't your spot to save. Next logical step is fucking Uber for parking spaces where you pay someone to go stand in the street to save a spot for you. No thanks.
Sep 21, 2016 -J commented on The Guide to Cheap Eats on a College Student's Budget.
Aladdin's takes plastic and has for a while now. They prefer cash and if you have cash and in your wallet and hand them a card they will point at the cash, but they'll take plastic. Also; damn tasty. Go there often.
Jul 18, 2016 -J commented on Whoever Scrambles to Make These Quick-Hit Hillary Videos Is Doing a Good Job.
She hires amazing Twitter people. The BEST twitter people. Her twitters are really amazing. They're gonna knock your socks off. #MakeTwitterGreatAgain
Jun 24, 2016 -J commented on Drug-Related Deaths Are Spiking on the Tulalip Reservation.
I'm confused. In an earlier article you said
One version of the drug specially designed to be administered by someone without medical training "soared from $575 to $3,750 per two-dose package in just two years."
How is Mr. Fernandez getting them for $60 and can he tell the SPD where to buy it?
Mar 17, 2016 -J commented on This Fall's Ballot Will Determine the Fate of the Next Phase of Mass Transit in Puget Sound.
This probably falls under the category of shit I should already know...but I don't. What taxes are going to be proposed for this? Is it all property? I see the price tag but no details on how that gets collected.
Mar 4, 2016 -J commented on People Even in Seattle Are Still Saying Owning an SUV is the Same As Owning a Dog.
I've never heard this comparison before either and tend to agree with @4. That said you really shouldn't leave your SUV in the parking lot insider your SUV. If can overheat and die super easy.
Jan 21, 2016 -J commented on Anticipating New Regulations, Airbnb Releases Seattle Impact Report.
My sister in law signed a lease for her place and she and her long term girlfriend promptly broke up. Bummer all around as far as that is concerned. She is now Airbnb-ing the additional room in the place that she was on the hook for with no prayer of being able to afford (her turnover is quite low, I think the current renter is there for 3 months).
I'm not saying that it isn't being abused, I'm not saying it shouldn't be regulated, I'm just saying that there are cases where it's being used in a manner that I really believe helps people. My $0.02