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Aug 16 Akbar Fazil commented on Clinton's Leadership Team Is Majority Women (Yes!) and House Republicans Want Her Indicted for Perjury (LOL).
@1 Ive got 20 bucks on day one. As in they will run from the swearing in ceremony and start the process.
Aug 10 Akbar Fazil commented on The Morning News: Judge Throws Out Uber Lawsuit, Tony Ventrella Gets Back in the Race for Congress.
@3 are you missing the fact that the point they are making is that as a legal product we should be able to purchase it with any legal method. By forcing these places to be cash only, no matter how many times a day you have an armored truck show up a day they are still high targets for robbery.
Aug 8 Akbar Fazil commented on Here's Matt Hickey on FetLife, Looking for "Sluts" in Vegas.
@2 because it appears with all the evidence shown that this man is a serial rapist and deserves to be outed at every turn?
Aug 8 Akbar Fazil commented on The Morning News: Whale Beaches, Dies on West Seattle Beach, John Oliver Argues Print Journalism Is Doing the Same.
Italics need to be closed and your pokemon shooting link is wrong.
Aug 1 Akbar Fazil commented on The Morning News: Victims of Mukilteo Shooting Remembered, State Republicans Lacking Donations, and Muslim DNC Speaker Continues to Denounce Trump.
I have a hard time calling white washing on a film produced by a Chinese studio, with a Chinese director made primarily for a Chinese market. Besides, after all that money China spent to bring Matt Damon home from Mars, don't they deserve their own Matt Damon film?
Jul 27 Akbar Fazil commented on Police Investigating Racial Threat to West Seattle Family.
@2, they probably just copied and pasted it from the original blog post.
Jul 21 Akbar Fazil commented on Washington RNC Delegate Eric Minor Wants You to Know He Did Not Vote for Trump.
@2 thats her. There was also this:
And afterward, there was more drama. According to someone who witnessed the scene, Washington State Republican Party Chair Susan Hutchison went “bananas” on Cruz outside the elevators near the bottom level suites in the arena after Cruz’s speech, calling him a traitor. According to the source, “security kind of stepped in. Cruz folks dragged him and Heidi into an elevator and security kind of pushed her the other way. Wasn’t like anyone got arrested, it was just really dramatic.”
Jun 8 Akbar Fazil commented on Female Ejaculate: Urine or Something Similar to Male Ejaculate?.
Wow, a year and a half old article that really doesn't add anything new to the debate. Next please.

For fucks sake, when a woman squirts (and not female ejaculate) it is not urine.
Jun 6 Akbar Fazil commented on Hillary Clinton Has Already Won the Democratic Nomination.
@34 or it could also be that a large percentage of Bernie voters didnt bother with the mail in primary BECAUSE it doesn't matter with the caucus results. We may never know for sure.
May 18 Akbar Fazil commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Good Threesome, Spoiled.
@4 Male Male Female.
Usually written that way instead of MFM where it is assumed that the males participate with each other as well as the female (or any mix there of) where a MFM the men are not bi and there to only play with the woman.