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Jul 6, 2013 Avtar commented on Important Friday "Wind of Change" Post.
Oops, Wind, not Winds. I've learned something today.
Jul 6, 2013 Avtar commented on Important Friday "Wind of Change" Post.
Winds of Change was my high school "class song".
Mar 3, 2013 Avtar commented on The Sunset and Tractor Taverns Add New Booker: Nathan Chambers.
Sweet! Nathan's great!
Jan 25, 2013 Avtar commented on TONIGHT! The Return of Slog Nerd Happy Hour!!.
Would love to play the Call of Cthulhu or Game of Thrones card games, anybody else?
Oct 31, 2012 Avtar commented on Sandy in Time-Lapse.
WTF, a boat goes zooming through at 0:33.
Sep 24, 2012 Avtar commented on Nothing but Tables and Snacks.
I've really been wanting to play Elder Sign, and Game of Thrones Card Game with more people...I don't really know many people willing to play em.
Aug 30, 2012 Avtar commented on Review: Acro-Cats at Stone Soup Theater.
Hey Lee, didn't you play a show with these guys once?
Aug 16, 2012 Avtar commented on Romney Settles This Tax Return Thing Once and for All.
Or maybe he just did some (barely) legal stuff like @13 says. I hope so. I love that he's like, hey, I looked back over 10 years, and it's more than 13% every year. Like he just pulled em out of a shoebox and there's the "tax percentage" column and that's that. Idiot.

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