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Sep 24 disintegrator commented on ISIL Beheads French Citizen in Algeria.
Their top man in Australia was an ex-bouncer and unemployed
actor? Scary fucking organization right there..
Sep 20 disintegrator commented on Saturday Comic.
I liked that comic. And I'm sorry to be this guy. I'M SORRY.

But it's 'ceiling', not 'cieling'. I before e EXCEPT after c...

Otherwise well done. :)
Sep 20 disintegrator commented on Here's Eight Different Musical Events You Should See Today.
So... No more morning news on the weekends? WEAK
Sep 18 disintegrator commented on Looks Like Scotland Isn't Going Anywhere.
@11: Excellent point! In fact, I think the Constitution should require each state to have a yes-no Union Reaffirmation Vote every twenty-five years, and its failure would mean immediate dissolution of bonds from the Federal Government.

I mean, no, of course, but wouldn't it be fun?
Sep 14 disintegrator commented on Forget Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple: Jesus Is the Flavor of the Season.
Mmm, yeah. Get some of Jesus' seed inside of you. Deep. So deep.
Sep 10 disintegrator commented on In Food News: Four New Pioneer Square Places, Good-Bye to the Erotic Bakery, and Tons More.
611? Bummer. I used to live around the corner. That whole block is going to pot.
Sep 7 disintegrator commented on Wine Not Wine.
Yeah, @6, VA is a fucking killer for me, especially in this state. People pick 4.0 pH grapes and then don't top their barrels often enough. Ugh.

The thing is: A lot of palates like a little VA, because it comes across as sweetness. I'm pouring a flight right now with two wines that are clean, polished, and amazing, and one that has a just-perceptible level of VA. The VA-affected wine is the favorite maybe 50% of the time, which is crazy. Not my style, but whatever. Gotta make that dollar...
Sep 5 disintegrator commented on I Found Another Early Lou Reed Obscurity.
Well that'll be in my head all day.
Sep 3 disintegrator commented on Our Long National Nightmare Is Over.
@14: And y'all took Lindsay Lohan off our hands now, too. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.

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