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Jul 19 Gurldoggie commented on Someone Did a 50-Minute Version of the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows"—and It’s Godhead.
Have you ever looked into your own eyes? I mean REALLY looked into them...?
Jul 15 Gurldoggie commented on Need Anything from Cleveland? The Stranger Is Going to the RNC!.
If you wouldn't mind, please bring back the bloody corpse of American democracy. And a side of chemical burns. Thanks!
Jul 14 Gurldoggie commented on Look At These Frighteningly Militarized Police in New York.
Editors - Rochester, New York is not New York City. It's about 8 hours away in western NY and a fraction of the size. Still pretty fucked up video though.
Jul 8 Gurldoggie commented on What Might Help Is Decriminalizing Minor Offences That Increase Encounters Between Cops and Blacks.
You are making the strategic error of proposing basic common sense solutions. Which means that they are sure to overlooked or completely ignored by the powers-that-be in favor of greater firepower.
Jun 7 Gurldoggie commented on King Donuts Will Close Its Doors This Winter.
A very special place. The owners have earned a rest, there is no question, but the world will never again see the likes of King Donut Teriyaki Laundromat.
Jun 3 Gurldoggie commented on Trump-Supporting Former Navy SEAL Endorses War Crimes on CNN.
All of this merely verifies what we've suspected all along. A significant portion of this country's population are ugly, ignorant, racist, violent fucks with zero capacity for self-reflection. The only surprising thing is that this military moron isn't obese. Yet.
Jun 2 Gurldoggie commented on Blue Angel Crashes In Tennessee.
No "fact" can reduce my love for the Blue Angels. As with my passion for smoking cigarettes, and my impressive arsenal of handguns that I use to protect my family, your "facts" only obscure the truth that God loves us and wants us to be free.