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3:18 PM yesterday Gurldoggie commented on Power Music Electric Revivial: Outkast At Coachella 2014.
Shout out to Seattle during SpottieOttieDopaliscious. Just before Andre says "I feel like I'm talking to myself."
Apr 11 Gurldoggie commented on Popular Early '90s Band, Nirvana Inducted Into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.
Corporate rock 'n 'roll museums still suck.
Apr 11 Gurldoggie commented on The Morning News: A Papal Ask, A Lab-Grown Vag, and Almost-Yoga-Mat-Free Bread.
My parents used to watch Mary Hartman, and even though I was too young to understand any of it, the mood and the tone were far too unsettling for me. When it came on I knew it was time for bed. I'm quite curious to watch it again, thanks for the tip.
Apr 10 Gurldoggie commented on Gun Nuts Prepare for "Shot Heard Around the US" Day on April 19th.
Circular firing squad anyone?
Apr 1 Gurldoggie commented on Happy Birfday: D. Boon of the Minutemen.
You remind me to listen to them again, it's been too long. And my vote is firmly for Double Nickels, which is just one of the most perfect albums ever.
Mar 26 Gurldoggie commented on Just Thought You Might Like to See My New Ke$ha Pin! Also, What Should We Do in Baltimore?.
The Visionary Art Museum is really wonderful. Don't miss it.
Mar 17 Gurldoggie commented on Ticket Giveaway!.
But I don't have a tweet machine! What if I just tell the Slog comments about this show?

Hey! You! RT this tweet by 5pm today for a chance to win 2 tickets to Heaven and Earth Magic at SIFF Cinema tomorrow! #Gurldoggie #wantstickets
Mar 11 Gurldoggie commented on Dig Me Out: Songs to Get You Out of That Rut.
Courtney Barnett is really helping me right now.…
Mar 7 Gurldoggie commented on Tony Millionaire and the End of Innocence.
I have never forgiven the Stranger for killing their comics section. Talk is cheap - bring back Maakies dammit.
Mar 6 Gurldoggie commented on Yet Another Democrat Defects to GOP.
Wow. Miloscia was always a strange duck, but he took many positions that seemed bona fide progressive. He always cut a profile as a seriously pro-housing and pro-education politician, despite his obviously troublesome Catholic worldview. This news is extremely disheartening.

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