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Jan 23 kk in seattle commented on OMG One-Thousand-Foot Water Slide Coming to Seattle in July! I Hope!.
Denny? Pfffft. Dravus, baby. 19 percent grade.
Jan 23 kk in seattle commented on Transit Advocates Dance on the Grave of Tom Rasmussen.
Wow, is Keck even paying his journalists these days? I mean, advocacy journalism is one thing, but "I'm writing as badly as I can" hack and slash? I guess Ansel was more of the forerunner than the outlier. Sad.
Jan 23 kk in seattle commented on Cops Can Choke Black People for Free in New York City.
Let me guess: Sydney attended the Ansel Herz School of Journalism.
Jan 21 kk in seattle commented on Guest Editorial: Perhaps Seattle Should Find a Plan B for the Downtown Tunnel Project.
Neff never predicted that what would go wrong was the machine itself. He predicted many disasters, but none of the disasters he predicted have materialized. If your mom tells you not to go on a long road trip because you might have a wreck, run out of money or get lost, and instead you get appendicitis, should she get all smug and say "I told you so!"
Jan 21 kk in seattle commented on [VIDEO] Mike McGinn on How Seattle's Need for Agreement Slows Political Progress.
Who cares? What's next? "An Afternoon with Mark Sidran?"
Jan 21 kk in seattle commented on In Which I Predict the Winner of the 2015 Super Bowl.
@11: Seriously. Cheating their way into the Super Bowl? I kind of wish the Pats were coming here for a regulation game so we could (loudly) express our contempt and disgust.
Jan 13 kk in seattle commented on As Racist Republicans Survive Their Scandals, Congress Prepares to Go After President Obama's Immigration Reform.
The only way you can explain slavery to Republicans is to call it a 100% income tax. Then they properly comprehend the horror.
Jan 6 kk in seattle commented on Some Interesting Details About the Woman Who Was Shot to Death by Her 2-Year-Old Son in an Idaho Walmart.
@28: Lying again. Of COURSE it's illegal to conceal a loaded weapon (even in Idaho).
But if you are going to conceal it, the firearm must be disassembled or unloaded.
Jan 6 kk in seattle commented on Same-Sex Marriage Arrives in Miami, Jeb Bush Seems to Have an Opinion About It Or Something.
Must we suffer the indignity of another nominally intelligent and supposedly decent white man pandering to win the Confederate Party nomination? They should all just take a fucking breather for four years and let the Confederates nominate the real fire-breathing thing: a Barry Goldwater/John Birch ticket. Party like it's 1964!
Jan 6 kk in seattle commented on Guest Editorial: Washington State Has a Morally Bankrupt Tax System, and Here's Why.
@1/@16: No. A graduated income tax (more than one rate) would violate the state constitution's requirement for uniformity in taxation. But a single rate income tax (with an exemption at a certain level) is not unconstitutional at all. As @24 notes, voters rejected this. But voters reject a lot of things the first time around before eventually approving them. It's ok to run things past the voters again after a couple of years, and now would be a good time. Go Reuven!

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