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Mar 30 kk in seattle commented on Guest Editorial: The Feds Just Repealed Internet Privacy Rules. Here's How We Protect Ourselves..
Is there a proper exemption in the Public Records Act that would provide necessary privacy?
Feb 2 kk in seattle commented on Seattle Moves Closer to Divesting $3 Billion from Wells Fargo Because of the Bank's Dakota Access Pipeline Support.
Without defending WF, this seems fairly arbitrary. Even Trump-like. What other projects financed by banks will incur the wrath of the Council?
Jan 17 kk in seattle commented on Major Sports-Arena Corporation Considering Constructing a World-Class Facility At KeyArena Site.
@10: It wasn't the Mayor who denied Hansen the street vacation he needed to build the SoDo arena on his own dime. It was the City Council, specifically, Bagshaw, Sawant, Herbold, Juarez and González. Once they killed that deal, the Mayor was open to others.
Jan 17 kk in seattle commented on Activists Hold Anti-Incarceration Rally Outside Youth Jail After Filing Appeal to Block Reconstruction Permits.
This is the worst possible way to protest a development. The project was approved by a public vote over four years ago. The proper time to contest the ballot language is before a vote, not afterward. Once approved, a public project should not be subject to years and years of dragged-out appeals of every building permit. If you think this is good public process, then be prepared to wait a billion years for light rail as Kemper Freeman and his hordes of lawyers contest every building permit for eternity.
Jan 17 kk in seattle commented on Angle Lake Station Is Another Huge Link Success.
@6: NY opened its first subway station in 1904. In 1910, the population of Brooklyn was 1,634,351, of Queens was 284,041, of Nassau County was 83,930, and of Suffolk County was 96,138, for a total of 2,098,460, six years later. Where did you come up with 3.4 million?
Oct 26, 2016 kk in seattle commented on Supporters Rally Around Pramila Jayapal in Wake of Opponent's "Attack" Ads.
Gee, what did Brady expect when he launched this "desperate, Trump-style attacks on women and their accomplishments" using "dog whistle language" financed with "dark money." (Yes, that's how Sharon Nelson actually characterized Walkinshaw's ad saying she missed a vote and got a low rating from some nonprofit. Wow. Makes me think whether we really want Senator Nelson as Minority Leader.
Oct 12, 2016 kk in seattle commented on Donald, Dorothy, Maria, and Melania.
Because of Twitter, we will never have another Dorothy Parker.
Sep 13, 2016 kk in seattle commented on ICYMI: Anti-Obama Stickers Removed From SPD North Precinct.
Hurray for workplace censorship!
Sep 11, 2016 kk in seattle commented on Crude Anti-Obama Stickers Seen on Lockers During Tour of Police North Precinct.
If they're allowed to have stickers, obviously the City cannot ban certain stickers based on the content of the speech in the stickers. The easiest solution to most of the issues that stem from being policed by an occupation force is to require that the police we pay with our taxes be residents of our city. If we need to provide for second mortgage or rental assistance, so be it. The savings from one or two wrongful death lawsuits could probably house half the force.
Sep 5, 2016 kk in seattle commented on In the Interest of the Public, the City of Seattle Must Operate the Monorail.
Wouldn't it be easier for the City just to take over Amazon? Means of production and all that. Then we could put their workers wherever we want without worrying about traffic.