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Capitol Hill
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michael strangeways is writing at Seattle Gay Scene.
Jul 4, 2010 michael strangeways reviewed Oddfellows Cafe + Bar.
Really? $18 for a TINY, Safeway quality piece of meat without any flavor and THREE super bland ravioli?


The drink was ok. The waitress was sweet, but the host dude seemed like he had a stick up his ass. The acoustics: dreadful.

Another Linda Derschong yupster/hipster hangout with lousy, (or, at least bland) food. Has NOT improved since it opened. Avoid.
Nov 10, 2009 michael strangeways reviewed Boom Noodle.
1 star for food (not bad, just bland), value, atmosphere
Nov 10, 2009 michael strangeways reviewed Roxy's Deli.
about as authentic as Epcot Center...bland and boring.